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What Damages Can a Blocked Drain Cause?


A Blocked Drain damages plumbing systems more than it may seem. The home’s structure being damaged to people’s health being impacted, a blocked drain should be taken more seriously than most people think. The problems start from water not being able to flow correctly in the plumbing systems and pipes and then they can lead to further concerns. Here at The Local Plumber, our plumbers are here to resolve any blocked drain and repair any damages they cause. 

The most common blocked drain damages are:

  • Health issues to people
  • Unpleasant smells
  • Mould and pests
  • Slow draining
  • Flooding
  • Structure damage
  • Water leaks

What are Common Blocked Drain Damages?

The main types of blocked drain damages that occur when drains and pipes experience clogs are:

Health Issues

A blocked drain can be harmful to people inside the building because bacteria growth can occur. Along with bacteria growing inside of the plumbing, the water flowing back into the building can also be harmful to people’s health. The bacteria can diffuse the water and air while the water flowing back into the home can also be contaminated and not good for people’s health. 

Unpleasant Smell

When drainage systems are blocked then this means food scraps, detergent, soap, hair and other blocked items can form a bad smell. The water that is stuck within the pipes will also add to the horrible smell alongside the blockage itself. If a blockage prevents water from flowing within the plumbing system then the pipes will become dry and develop an unpleasant smell. 

Attracting Mould and Pests

Pests and insects like moist areas which is why a clog in the system can attract them. The stagnant water and moist area formed by the blockage will attract pests which are never wanted. Mould may also develop in the home and in places near the water pipes due to this added moisture. 

Slow Drain

A slow drain is another issue caused by a blocked drain where water drains slowly in the sink, toilet, bathtub and other drains. The drains in the home that have a blockage will result in the water struggling to flow through them smoothly. This causes the water to drain slowly and at times back up into the building. More drainage issues can develop due to a slow drain and the cost of repairing these many issues add up. 


When a blockage completely prevents water from flowing through the drain it can overflow and potentially cause flooding. The water will need to flow somewhere so it backs up and the chance of flooding increases the more time the blockage stays. If the water does not flood the area through it back flowing it may flood due to the pipe bursting from the water being stuck at the clog. 

Structural Damage

Another type of blocked drain damage is that the home’s structure can be weakened. The water does not flow through the pipes which means it becomes stagnant or leaks. The leaking water and potential flooding in some areas mean the structure of the home becomes weaker. If the blockage is not dealt with correctly or quickly then property owners may need to pay for structural damage repairs in the future as the water has damaged them.

Water Leaks

Water leaks can occur due to a blockage if the water cannot pass through and it breaks pipes, joints or connections. These leaks can lead to a burst, but in any case, the water exiting the pipes can cause other issues as described.

Reliable Blocked Drain Plumbers

The Local Plumber is here at all times with trusted fully qualified plumbers to resolve blocked drain damages. Our team will work out what is blocking the system quickly then effectively clear the system using the most reliable techniques. Each licensed plumber will arrive on time, perform repairs on the clogged and damaged pipes and are guaranteed to finish on time.

We offer our blacked drain repairs to all of Melbourne, including Inner Melbourne, North Melbourne and South Melbourne. Also, we can perform any professional plumbing installations and repairs at any time through our Emergency Plumber team. For the best blocked drain repairs in Melbourne – trust The Local Plumber!

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