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You’re eager to have a refreshing shower then you notice there’s something wrong. The shower is not working and all efforts to fix it do not resolve the problem. Showers can be tricky to fix. They have a bit of a complicated system. Broken showers have a variety of causes and it is not advisable to tinker them without the proper knowledge and equipment. 

What you need to do immediately is to contact a plumbing specialist to fix your shower.

Shower systems can come in different designs and functionalities. Your shower can be electrically powered, the modern digital shower, or the traditional manual mixer shower. Whatever type of shower you have, they are all prone to malfunction and will eventually be busted. 

When your shower bogs down, we advise not to perform DIY repairs as there’s a big chance that the situation will just get worse. Call The Local Plumber for same-day, quick, and permanent shower repair services. 

Common Shower Problems

The shower system is so complex that proper knowledge and understanding of the concept is required for you to be able to fix the problem. The following are common shower problems that you may experience. Identify if these problems are present then call our plumbing specialists to take care of your issue. 

No Water Coming Out

Damage to the solenoid valve of electrical showers will lead to the stopping of the water flow. A broken valve will prevent water from flowing into the shower. For non-electrical shower types, a loss of water may be due to low pressure or sediments accumulating in the pipes.

Leaking Shower Head

A leaking shower head can be costly and a waste of precious water if you don’t attend to the problem immediately. The leak can be caused by a worn seal, a worn washer, or a defective cartridge in the valve body. 

Worn Shower Parts

The numerous shower parts that comprise the system will eventually get worn out and need to be replaced. The valves, shower hose, showerhead, and all other connections will lose their functionality over time. You can perform the part replacement yourself but having a professional plumber do it for you is still the best option.

Cracked Shower Tile Surface

The surfaces that are designed to provide waterproofing can bog down leading to water leaking. This can soak the area and needs to be repaired as soon as possible to prevent further water damage. The area needs to be reapplied with grout and the other sealed portions are checked for leaks.

Broken Shower Pipes

The shower pipes should be in top condition for it to provide smooth water flow. If the pipes get damaged or are installed incorrectly, the pressure within the pipes can lead to leaks. Repairing broken shower pipes is not for the inexperienced. The tracing of the damage is not just limited to the pipes but includes the main water supply as well.

Signs of Shower Leaks

A leaking shower is an easy problem to solve but there are times when things may get a little complicated. The major challenge when trying to fix a leaking shower is identifying the specific cause of the problem.  As mentioned above, different damaged parts and areas require different solutions.

How do you know if your shower system is leaking? The following are shower leaks signs that you should be aware of:

  • Presence of mould and mildew
  • Visible wall and floor stains
  • Damp odour
  • Visible water leaking even if the faucet and valves are closed

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The Local Plumber’s superior shower repairs ensure that all of your problems are solved within the day. Our team of expert emergency plumbers and blocked drain specialists  will come to your property and will perform a comprehensive and complete assessment of your plumbing system.

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