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10 Tips to Get Rid of Smelly Melbourne Household Drains

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One common problem that many Melbourne households experience is smelly drains. Fortunately, there are lots of ways to eliminate such foul odours.

You can begin your drain cleaning journey with the most convenient method for you. But a lot of people find it more effective to combine such methods to achieve the desired results.

To kick start your cleaning process, here are ten tips to get rid of smelly household drains.

1. Use Hot Water & Liquid Detergent Mixture

Clogging is a common disaster in many Australian households, which causes drains to smell awful. One of the simplest ways to eliminate the blockage and the odours is through the hot water method. Using hot water and dish detergent can help clean your stinky drain. 

The remnants of rotten foods and other discards on your drains can cause a foul odour. If the smell gets too strong, don’t wait any longer and act right away. 

Prepare some hot water and put a few drops of liquid detergent on it. Stir and slowly pour half of the mixture down your smelly drain. 

After that, pour some cold water down the drain. You can use your cold water tap on a full blast for this and let it flow for at least a minute to solidify any remnants of grease. 

Finally, carefully pour the remaining mixture of hot water and liquid detergent down the drain to remove the solid residue. Repeat the process as necessary. 

2. Vinegar Flush

Using vinegar is another effective way of eliminating the foul smell of your drains at home. Vinegar is an effective neutraliser of odour. It contains acid that removes the grease and disinfects the drain

To clean your smelly drains, heat about four cups of vinegar and pour half down the drain. Turn your tap water on for a minute and pour the remaining hot vinegar down the drain to rinse and eliminate the smell and clogs effectively. 

3. Clean the Drain with Baking Soda 

If the previous tips didn’t work and the foul odour coming from your drain remains, try adding baking soda into the cleaning process.  

Vinegar mixed with baking soda creates a foaming action that can clean smelly drains. It helps break down any solid grease clogging your drain. 

Put at least one cup of baking soda and two cups of vinegar down your household drain. Wait for ten minutes and then rinse it with hot water. You can repeat the procedures as needed to make sure there’ll be no foul smells anymore. 

4. Clear Any Debris on the Drain Vent

Many homes have drain vents that have a terminal opening on the roof. Remove any debris clogging on this part of your plumbing system to keep your drains clean and odour-free.

5. Clean the P-trap

Ensure that your drain’s p-trap is clean to get rid of the foul smell. Put on rubber gloves and take out the bent portion of your drainpipe under the sink. 

If there’s any water or residue in the trap, remove it and take the p-trap outside. Rinse it thoroughly before you reassemble the plumbing. 

6. Don’t Put Fats & Oils Down Your Sink 

Preventive action is essential when it comes to drain cleaning. If there’s any weird smell coming from your drains, don’t worsen the problem by shoving more grease down.

Avoid flushing oils and fats down your sink as they’re one of the main reasons for smelly household drains. 

7. Clean and Dispose of Food Scraps Properly

Refrain from shoving food scraps down your home’s drain. These pieces of debris can clog your drain, leading to foul smells. 

Remove them from your sink and put them in the right bins for proper disposal. Make sure you do this to prevent such wastes from going down your drains. 

8. Maintain Regular Tap Use

Rarely used bathrooms, sinks, and drains may experience a build-up of grimes, which prevents the p-trap from releasing sewer gases out of your home. 

Ensure to turn on taps on these areas regularly to avoid smelly drain problems. 

9. Use Strong Drain Cleaners 

If nothing else works, you can opt to use safe but strong commercial drain cleaning solutions. There are many available drain cleaners in the market that can help eliminate the foul smells effectively.

10. Hire Professional Blocked Drain Plumbers in Melbourne

When things get too tough and DIY solutions don’t seem to work, hiring expert drain cleaners in Melbourne is your best way to go. 

Don’t let your smelly household drains ruin the clean and healthy vibe of your home. Get rid of the foul odours right away through a professional drain cleaning service. 

We at The Local Plumber are your excellent partner when it comes to drain cleaning solutions. Our team guarantees an all-out plumbing service in Melbourne anchored with safety and efficiency. 

Team up with us to solve your drain problems in Melbourne. We are only a call away!

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