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24 hour emergency plumber Melbourne

If you need an emergency plumber in Melbourne to address your crisis immediately, look no further than The Local Plumber. We offer urgent assistance in your time of need, including guaranteed repairs and speedy results. If you require an out-of-hours plumber with 24-hour services, The Local Plumber has you covered.

Our emergency plumbers in Melbourne can help with these emergency plumbing services at any time of day or night:

  • Emergency blocked pipe and drain repairs
  • Emergency hot water system repairs
  • Emergency toilet blockage removals and repairs
  • Emergency sink drain blockage removals and repairs
  • Emergency gas fitting repairs
  • Emergency sewer plumbing repairs
  • Emergency shower drain repairs
  • Emergency leaky tap repairs

Call 0499 556 419 now to book an emergency plumbing service in Melbourne.

How to book our emergency plumbing services in Melbourne

It takes three steps to book an out of hours plumber in Melbourne:

  1. Reach out to us at 0499 556 419. Our lines are open 24/7 to receive your call.
  2. We will match you with a 24 hour plumber in Melbourne.
  3. Our 24-hour plumber will give you a price quote and time estimate and arrive at your home in as little as 15 minutes.

Call 0499 556 419 to instantly speak with our emergency plumber Melbourne.

What Makes Our Emergency Plumbing Services Different?

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On Time Plumber - Or It's Free!

We believe in honesty and integrity — and that means being on time. If we're not, then you don't pay us for the time spent waiting. We understand the urgency of an emergency, and that is why we proudly offer the guarantee of an on-time plumber or we work for free.

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Same Day Services

We understand that you need to get your plumbing fixed quickly, and our local plumbers in Melbourne are here to make it happen. We proudly offer 24/7 and same-day services. This means we can be at any location at any time.

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5 Year Warranty On All Materials

We believe in providing our customers with the best quality products and services at a fair price. That’s why we only use and supply the best plumbing materials with a 5-year warranty so that you can rest easy knowing your plumbing will last for years to come!

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Licensed & Insured Plumbers

Every one of our plumbers is fully licensed and insured as per Consumer Affairs Victoria, so we can provide top-quality service. We are proud to offer you the best local plumbers in Melbourne for all your plumbing needs.

Highly Experienced Emergency Plumbers

With over 10 years of experience. Our professional emergency plumbers are the best when it comes to quickly solving emergency plumbing problems due to our ability to accurately identify the root cause of your issue. Our highly experienced plumbing team hold extensive skills and knowledge to fix all emergency problems no matter how simple or complex!

We Are There On-Time & There For You

Our emergency plumbers will be at your site on time and there for you when you need us most within 60 minutes of placing a call. We understand that a plumbing issue can be highly problematic and can cause a great disturbance to your entire family. When you call us, you’re calling trained professionals who are honest, passionate, act with integrity and more importantly, will get the job done quickly and fairly.

Long Lasting Plumbing Solutions

We offer permanent solutions to plumbing problems small and large. We do not believe in quick fixes, only to have to come back and repair the job. When we provide a service, our service is a solution that’s going to last. We use only the highest quality and best materials in the industry, providing peace of mind at every job. We also proudly offer a 5 year warranty on all materials as well as a life-time warranty on labour!

24/7 Melbourne Plumbing Services

Our 24hr emergency plumbing team work around the clock in Melbourne, reliably and safely fixing residential plumbing problems across the metro region. When you call us, we’ll have an emergency team dispatched at the earliest time and confirm an ETA with you.

Melbourne Emergency Plumbing Services

Are you sick of trying to find a reliable emergency plumber Melbourne? Constantly searching ’emergency plumber Melbourne near me’ and coming up with unreliable plumbers? Stop searching because we’re the team for you.

Our team at The Local Plumbers make it our mission to ensure that you receive the absolute highest level of customer experience available in the market. When it comes to our emergency plumbing services, not only do we talk the talk, but we walk the walk as we truly live and breathe plumbing.

All our plumbers have over 10 years experience in the trade, are fully licensed & insured, undergo / regularly complete highly comprehensive training and are equipped with the best tools and best machinery. Not only do we arrive with a friendly and positive attitude, but we go the extra mile to ensure your experience with us is nothing but flawless and your plumbing issue is quickly and proficiently resolved.


Fully Qualified, Licensed & Insured Call Out Plumbers!

Our entire team are all fully insured, licensed and qualified as per the guidelines set by Victorian Building Authority under the Plumbing Regulations Act 2018. This means that every member within our team has successfully completed our Certificate II in Plumbing, Certificate III in Plumbing, Certificate IV in Plumbing & our Type B in Gas Fitting. Our Victorian Trades licence number is 122130.

As well as our all qualifications, we also have yearly comprehensive training program that all our team members are required to complete. This helps up-skill our team for the ever changing plumbing requirements in Melbourne households. 

Plumbing Maintenance Tips for Melbourne Residents

Maintaining your plumbing system is crucial for the smooth running of your home. Here are some essential emergency plumbing tips for our fellow Melbourne locals:

  1. Regularly Check for Leaks: Keep an eye on all exposed pipes and appliances for signs of leaks. Early detection can prevent major repairs. Common appliances to leak include hot water systems, dishwashers, washing machines and dryers

  2. Clean Drains Carefully: Avoid chemical cleaners and disposing of household materials (e.g wet wipes, make-up) which can damage pipes. If you have a blocked drain, use a plunger first which should help dislodge minor blockages. Major blockages will require the assistance of a licensed plumber who can employ CCTV camera inspections, jet blasting and a plumber’s snake to clear the blockage.

  3. Inspect Hoses and Faucets: Regularly check hoses on appliances like washing machines for any signs of wear and replace them if necessary.

  4. Know Your Main Water Valve Location: In case of emergencies, knowing how to turn off the water will prevent flooding.

  5. Seasonal Precautions: Before Melbourne’s colder months, ensure outdoor pipes are insulated to prevent freezing.

Regular maintenance not only keeps your plumbing in good condition but also helps in identifying potential problems early, saving time and money in the long run

Our Emergency Plumbing Specials!

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No matter what your emergency plumbing issue is, we can fix it!

The Local Plumber is Melbourne’s most trusted emergency plumber. We have local emergency plumbers all across Melbourne ready to be dispatched at any moment’s notice to resolve your residential or commercial plumbing emergency.

We can resolve many emergency plumbing problems in Melbourne, including

Emergency pipe and drain repairs

Blocked pipes and slow-moving drains are emergencies that require immediate attention. Our professionals can handle any pipe or drain issues around your property, including water leak repairs, frozen pipe repairs, burst pipes, and other damages.

Hot water system emergency repairs

A hot water heater is vital for every property, especially during our cold Melbourne winters. If your hot water system is no longer working, immediately contact The Local Plumber to assess and fix any damage through either repair or replacement. Our trusted 24-hour plumbers are always available on standby.

Emergency toilet blockage removals and repairs

It’s essential to take immediate action whenever toilet issues arise, including overflows, clogs, and other problems. These circumstances typically require an after-hours plumber for a quick and long-lasting solution. Professionals at The Local Plumber have the right tools to fix the issues and clear any obstruction in your toilet.

Emergency sink drain blockage removals and repairs

Clogging happens regularly in all types of sinks, and if it’s not resolved effectively, it can quickly escalate into a more damaging issue. It’s advisable to let the professionals at The Local Plumber handle your kitchen sink emergencies to ensure proper function without costly damages.

Emergency gas leak repairs

A gas leak is a serious concern that requires urgent action, as it can put you and your family in danger. If you have any gas line emergencies, reach out to professional gas plumbers from The Local Plumber immediately.

Emergency sewer plumbing repairs

A sewer backup calls for an emergency plumbing service. Don’t leave such an issue unsolved. Contact a trusted local plumber and get your entire plumbing system back on track.

Emergency shower drain repairs

Clogged drains can lead to flooding, which may eventually lead to mould, rot, and other issues. Fortunately, 24-hour emergency plumbers from The Local Plumbers can quickly help you fix clogged drains. You can trust that our experts will promptly eliminate any clogging and slow-draining issues in your shower.

Emergency leaky tap repairs

Tiny drips from the tap may seem innocuous enough, but fast-flowing leaks may indicate more serious complications. Rather than wait for the situation to worsen, give your trusted emergency plumber in Melbourne a call!

Contact our out of hours plumbers in Melbourne now

No matter where you’re located in Melbourne, we have a 24-hour local plumbing team ready on standby to assist you and your family. Our major service areas include:

  • Inner Melbourne
  • Inner East Melbourne
  • Inner South Melbourne
  • North East Melbourne
  • North West Melbourne
  • Outer East Melbourne
  • South East Melbourne
  • West Melbourne

Reach out to our emergency Melbourne plumbing team today to get competent service within minutes. We are so committed to delivering phenomenal and prompt plumbing services that we can be at your location within 60 minutes of placing a call. 

Contact The Local Plumber today to truly see what our fast, professional, honest, and affordable team can do! Our team of emergency plumber Melbourne are one the best in the business!

Frequently Asked Emergency Plumbing Questions!

Yes! We provide emergency plumbing services 24 hours a day, seven days per week, all across Melbourne. When it comes to emergencies, The Local Plumbers are the experts you can count on!
We will advise you of an approximate time right after your call with us to confirm your location. As we have emergency plumbers on standby, this can vary from anywhere from 15 minutes to 40 minutes to 60 minutes, depending on where you’re located in Melbourne.
Yes! We will provide you with an upfront and transparent quotation prior to any work being conducted. Once our emergency plumbers have inspected your problem, we will advise you of the repair and the exact costs.

As an emergency plumber Melbourne we specialising in servicing all emergency plumbing work such as blocked drains, burst pipes, no hot water, problems with your sewer system and so much more!

We typically charge a callout fee between approximately  $140-$300*. This fee is applicable for services requested outside of normal business hours, including late nights, weekends, and public holidays. This usually covers the basic work to make your property safe, because keeping you and your property safe are our main priorities.

Coverage varies depending on your insurance policy. Some policies may cover damages and repairs caused by sudden plumbing emergencies, while others might not. It’s important to check with your insurance provider to understand what is and isn’t covered.

Besides the call out fee, you might incur costs for additional labor, parts, and any additional services required to fix the issue. It’s advisable to ask for a detailed estimate before agreeing to any repairs.

If possible, locate and turn off the main water supply to prevent further damage. Avoid using electrical appliances in areas affected by leaks to reduce the risk of electrical hazards. If safe to do so, you can also attempt to manage minor leaks by placing buckets or towels to catch drips.

Our Melbourne Emergency Plumbing Services

These are just some of the regular emergency plumbing repairs we complete daily throughout Melbourne!

Lifetime Warranty on Workmanship and Labour

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