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What is Backflow Testing?

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Backflow testing is the process of checking and evaluating your plumbing systems in order to ensure that your potable (drinking) water is not contaminated by any external agents. The contamination is brought about by the reversal of the flow of the clean water which allows harmful materials and dirty water from the outside to be siphoned in.

Reasons Why Backflow Occurs

The clean water running through our homes usually runs on a certain range of pressure to prevent backflow and its corresponding implications from happening. A drop or increase in pressure can increase the possibility of backflow, especially in old residential and commercial buildings.

When backflow happens and the water will be flowing in the wrong direction (backsiphonage), your drinking water will be likely contaminated and may lead to serious health problems and tamper with the purity of the water.

The lack of backflow prevention devices in the pipes of old structures is also one reason why backflow happens. However, even with the presence of these backflow prevention devices, they can still fail. This is the reason why regular maintenance of your pipes, including backflow testing, should be done at least annually.

Why You Should Regularly Perform Backflow Testing in Melbourne

Backflow testing should be deemed as an important process in your plumbing system’s maintenance. It is not just a fancy plumbing service. It ensures that the pipes, as well as the backflow prevention devices, are working as designed. Backflow problems are considered to be plumbing emergencies and you wouldn’t want that to happen to you.

Here are the  major reasons why you should regularly perform backflow testing on a regular basis:

Health Safety

There’s nothing more important than health safety. This is the primary reason why you should always make sure that there is no backflow in your plumbing system. Pollutants and contaminants from the sewage system can pollute your drinking water once backflow occurs

In addition, once the water is contaminated, it can also have a lasting effect on the overall health of the community you live in. Remember, water will always find a way. Contaminated water can seep through cracks and holes affecting other structures and plumbing systems around you leading to further contamination.

Building Structure Protection

Plumbing systems that don’t work properly can easily be subject to corrosion and will damage your property. The resulting moisture from the water backflow can have a detrimental effect to the integrity of your walls and floors leading to more damage and skyrocketing costs.

Some plumbing systems are at higher risk for backflow damage compared to others. Buildings like medical facilities, food establishments, and industrial complexes would need high-hazard backflow systems for protection.

The Backflow Testing Process

Once you are scheduled for a backflow testing of the plumbing systems on your property, our team of plumbing specialists will perform the following:

  • Assess the condition of your plumbing system.
  • Observe and check for the presence of any backflow prevention device or assembly.
  • Look for the serial number and confirm the manufacturer of the device or assembly.
  • Start testing if there is a backflow by manipulating the valves.
  • Monitoring the pressure and any changes during the testing.
  • Look for changes in the gauge and signs of leaks.
  • Make their report to you and to the company.

Backflow Prevention Devices We Use in Melbourne

The Local Plumber uses several types of backflow preventers for our clients. They are categorised into two major groups: the backflow prevention devices and backflow prevention assemblies.

We work and comply with all Victorian regulations, following the Victorian Building Authority’s highest standards regarding all backflow prevention work.

Here are some short descriptions of these highly specialised backflow preventers.

  • Backflow Prevention Devices

These types of preventers are installed in your plumbing system to prevent or stop the reversal of water flow. A downside of this preventer is it is difficult to test for backflow due to its lack of inlet and outlet valve shut-offs and test valves.

  • Backflow Prevention Assemblies

These types of preventers are considered to be an entire system attached to your old plumbing design. They have all the requisite valves and are very effective in preventing backflow. They are also easy to maintain and test.

Examples of backflow prevention assemblies are pressure vacuum breakers (PVB), Spill-resistant vacuum breakers, double check valves, and the reduced pressure principle backflow assembly.

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