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If your property has a burst pipe then you are going to need the expertise of a qualified plumber for repairs. When this issue becomes frequent, a professional can help clarify why it regularly occurs and how to resolve the issue permanently. Our plumbers here at The Local Plumber have seen all the causes behind this plumbing issue and have years of experience and training. Each of our plumbers is also dedicated to providing a world-class and flawless customer experience in every repair we carry out.

What is a Burst Pipe?

Several factors can impact a property’s pipes that affect their overall integrity. Given that piping is installed and left for years, it is not surprising that they run into issues at some point. A burst pipe is a frequent problem faced by all property owners. Some of the common causes behind this plumbing issue are: water pressure issues, frozen pipe issues and rust buildup contributing to corrosion and pipe movement. Homeowners and businesses need to take these symptoms seriously to avoid future and more damaging piping issues.


Water Pressure Issues

A sudden increase in water pressure can cause pipes of all ages to burst. The unforeseen amount of water passing through can overwhelm the equipment and break it. To avoid this problem, it is best to have a skilled plumber do regular maintenance over the pipe network and the water system. 



Corrosion impacts pipes commonly due to rust. Rust occurs due to imbalances in pH levels of water as well as old age and proximity to the ocean. Regardless of the factor, corrosion is common among ageing pipes and can quickly cause pipes to burst without warning. Corrosion due to rust is more common in residential spaces dependent on well-water, which usually contains a higher concentration of iron.


Shifting Pipes

Believe it or not, changes in weather is the number one reason why pipes move. During the cold months, pipes may contract and shift after winter. This contraction causes accidental movement that may lead to a burst pipe. It is also possible that repairs caused movements in other parts of the pipe network. Even a slight movement within the pipe network can cause an increase of water pressure and contribute to bursting.

Consequences of Having an Unrepaired Burst Pipe

Burst pipes can cause instant flooding in your property. However, flooding is not the only consequence associated with this plumbing issue. Structural material damage is also possible when pipes burst. With pipes mostly tucked under walls, it increases the possibility that a burst pipe can damage the wall and other materials. It could also impact the building’s insulation and electrical wiring system.


What Should I Do When a Pipe Bursts?

Being aware of the signs and symptoms behind a burst pipe is essential in identifying the urgency behind this issue and the need for immediate plumbing attention. Based on our daily experiences, below are some key recommended actions by our Melbourne plumbers:

  • Turn Off The Water Supply – This action is the most important part when a pipe bursts. Switching off the water supply is usually done through the tap at the building’s main water source. It could also be turned off where the main service pipes connect.
  • Contact A Melbourne Emergency Plumber – When a professional is needed to intervene, property owners should turn to a trusted and capable plumber. At The Local Plumber, we have 24 hr plumbers ready to help any time of the day. All have years of experience and training attending to plumbing problems in both residential and commercial properties.
  • Identifying The Damaged Pipe– This is a tricky part. Given the size of a pipe network, it could be a challenge to isolate the problem’s location. Our plumbers recommend checking where there is a large puddle of water or abnormalities in the pipes. 
  • Damage ControlBurst pipes are classified into two categories, minor and major. Minor plumbing issues can be a quick fix, however for major burst pipes, it is best to have a skilled Melbourne plumber. This problem is more complex and may need a section of the network to be isolated from others. A major burst pipe may also require pipe relining. We recommend getting rags in order to try and isolate an area from further flooding, while you wait for an emergency plumber. Please note though, although a burst pipe may appear minor, it can easily escalate into a more serious problem if not properly attended to.


Melbourne’s Local Burst Pipe Plumbers!

Due to the potentially damaging consequences, it is best to have a fully qualified plumber assist with a burst pipe repair. Here at The Local Plumber, we pride ourselves in providing the most prompt plumbing services across Melbourne. Our team of plumbers have the skills to diagnose and quickly fix burst pipe issues in no time. We are blocked drain specialists, fully licensed, accredited and proudly offer same day services as well as a 5 year warranty on all materials and a lifetime warranty on workmanship. By working with our expert local plumbers, we assure locals of high-quality plumbing work that complies with regulations in effect at local, state and national levels. Contact The Local Plumber now  on 0499 556 419 to have a highly trained and experienced plumber help fix burst pipes in any Melbourne property today!

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