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When objects get stuck down your drain and cause a blockage, plumbers have several methods available to avoid major problems. These methods have been tried and tested in relieving clogging. However, it should be left in the hands of a professional due to the dangers associated with these fixes. Some unclogging methods may be effective but may cause damage to the pipe network if not properly and professionally carried out.

For locals looking to get Melbourne’s best blocked drain service, our emergency plumbers at The Local Plumber have the expertise and knowledge to get things done. With years of experience, jet blasting is among our blocked drains plumbers’ specialisations. It is one of the most recommended approaches to efficiently remove debris in drains both cost effectively and damage free!

What Makes Our Jet Blasting Services Stand Out!

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We believe in honesty and integrity — and that means being on time. If we're not, then you don't pay us for the time spent waiting. We understand the urgency of an emergency, and that is why we proudly offer the guarantee of an on-time plumber or we work for free.

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We understand that you need to get your plumbing fixed quickly, and our local plumbers in Melbourne are here to make it happen. We proudly offer 24/7 and same-day services. This means we can be at any location at any time.

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We believe in providing our customers with the best quality products and services at a fair price. That’s why we only use and supply the best plumbing materials with a 5-year warranty so that you can rest easy knowing your plumbing will last for years to come!

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Every one of our plumbers is fully licensed and insured as per Consumer Affairs Victoria, so we can provide top-quality service. We are proud to offer you the best local plumbers in Melbourne for all your plumbing needs.

What is Drainage Jetting?

When pipes experience a significant amount of clogging, Melbourne plumbers use drainage jetting to resolve the problem. Drainage jetting is the process of removing dirt, toiletries, hair, roots and other forms of debris from pipe systems using high-pressure water jets. This technology uses a high-pressure hose with a nozzle attachment, connected to a machine that pressurizes the water. It uses a variety of nozzles or cutting heads attached to the nose, which depends on the severity of clogged drain.

To prevent damaged pipes, emergency plumbers usually assess the drainage system before using high-pressure water jets. This inspection includes using CCTV drain inspections to check the factors behind the clogging. Once properly assessed, blocked drain specialists can determine the correct pressure for drainage jetting.


Will Jet Washing Unblock a Drain?

Yes. Jet blasting is one of preferred methods for relieving clogs caused by debris and other objects. As a no “no-dig” solution, this method does not require excavation of pipes or removing drains to restore proper drainage. These are some of the other benefits offered by jet blasting:

  • Safe for pipes
  • Tough blockages
  • Cleans the entire pipe network
  • Healthier option
  • Eco-friendly

Generally, it is best in clearing all types of clogged drains, including blocked sinks, blocked toilets and blocked sewers. The following instances are where jet washing is most effective:

  • Food scraps
  • Excessive toilet paper usage 
  • Hair blockages
  • Sanitary items
  • Wet wipes 
  • Fats, oil and grease
  • Tree roots

However, drainage blasting is most preferred to relieve clogging in the main sewer and stormwater drains. It is also effective for removing the growing buildup of dirt in pipes. While they do not cause blockages instantly, letting them sit in pipes may contribute to clogging in the future. It could also limit water flow down the drain. For extreme cases in which jet blasting does not work, then plumbing excavation is recommended. 



Is Hydro Jetting Better than Using a Plumber’s Snake Tool?

As mentioned, hydro jetting is effective in removing anything causing blockages. However, a plumber’s snake tool can also be used to clear blockages. This tool is a long metal tube with an inner cable with blades or a corkscrew auger attached to one end and a hand crank at the other. The end of the snake tool is inserted into the drain while the crank is turned, which extends the cable down the drain towards the stuck object. The plumber’s snake tool comes in two shapes – a straight tube mostly used in sink drains and a J-shaped bend best for cleaning clogged toilets. The following are advantages of using a plumber’s snake tools:

  • A great way to clean minor clogging in the sink and toilet
  • Plumbing snake tools are easy to hire or buy
  • Most 24hr melbourne plumbers have a snake tool


What Is The Cost of Jet Blasting in Melbourne?

Unclogging services generally cost between $150 to an upwards cost of $750 + depending on the severity of the blockage. If further repairs are required then the total cost of the service will increase.

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Due to the delicate nature of drainage jetting, it must only be entrusted to a highly experienced and skilled plumber. This professional must have the experience and knowledge in handling jet blasting to produce the desired result. The Local Plumber  has some of the most qualified 24hr emergency plumbing service professionals and blocked drain specialists in melbourne. We specialize not only in jet blasting and clearing all types of blocked drains,  but also in CCTV drain inspection and pipe relining. Contact The Local Plumber now to experience why locals across Melbourne continue to trust our blocked drain plumbers to fix their blocked sewer today. We proudly offer a 30 minute call back, same day services, lifetime workmanship warranty and up to 15% off your first jet blasting service if you are a new customer!

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