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Everyone knows what a toilet does, however due to general wear and tear they often become dated and in need of a repair or replacement. Property owners should only trust an experienced and qualified plumber with toilet installations and repairs as there are a number of benefits that come with working with experienced professionals. The foremost reason is that having an expert install or repair a toilet provides peace of mind given its vital function in any building. 


Common Toilet Issues Signs

Ageing or a lack of maintenance are some of the common issues that affect the performance of toilets. When signs of a malfunctioning toilet start showing up, it is always best to contact a toilet repair plumber. Luckily, if you know where to look, it is easy to identify when a toilet starts to act up. Below are some of the signs indicating that there is something wrong with your bathroom fixture:

  • Water leaking in the pipe connecting the cistern and the water source
  • Water leaking from the toilet base
  • Small cracks on the bowl, ceramic pan or cistern
  • Water constantly running into the bowl
  • Cistern button failure
  • Slow filling of the cistern
  • Improper flushing due to a blocked drain
  • Water leaking when the toilet is flushed


Homeowners and businesses need to familiarise themselves with common issues affecting their toilets. Knowing about these problems can help determine whether to schedule a visit from a trusted Melbourne plumber.


Leaking Toilets Repairs Melbourne

The toilet is one of the most used fixtures in homes and commercial spaces. With wear and tear, issues will impact its performance at any given time. Based on our professional daily experiences, leaking is the number one problem homeowners and businesses face with their toilets. It can stem from a crack in any part of the toilet, water seeping through the base or pipes connecting the toilet to the plumbing network or water source. When this happens, we recommend contacting a skilled plumber as leaving it unattended for a long time will only result in the following:

  • Flooding
  • Structural damage 
  • An increased water bill
  • Costly future repairs


Blocked Toilets

Clogging in a toilet may seem like a simple issue. However if left for too long, a blocked toilet can easily escalate into more costly and damaging future repairs. Several factors come into play when a toilet is clogged as a blockage may not just affect one bathroom but even the whole property at large through a major blocked drain.

There are two options property owners have when dealing with a blocked toilet. The first option is to go the DIY route, or the second option, have an expert plumber takeover. Those who want to have a temporary solution for clogging can make use of a plunger or a mixture of baking soda and vinegar. But for owners who have been frequently dealing with a blockage in their toilets, it is best to have an experienced and trained Melbourne plumber to repair it. Professionals have the knowledge and expertise to deal with blocked drains and permanently eliminate any issues you may be experiencing. Given the complex nature of a clogged toilet, tinkering with its components without experience and training will end up creating more problems in the long run.

Toilet Installation in Houses and Commercial Buildings

With rapid technological and design advancement, toilet installation has become more customisable and open  in recent years. Property owners are faced with several options for flushing systems, cisterns and toilet bowls, among many other things. A well-updated Melbourne plumber is a must when thinking of having a toilet installed in a residential or commercial space as they can properly consult you on your current plumbing system and how your desired bathroom fixtures will be installed seamlessly. 


When planning for a toilet installation, it is best to familiarise oneself with the different factors that will go into the new toilet setup. Being informed on these things will make it easier for the property owner and the plumber to select the best toilet. The following are factors to consider when choosing a toilet for a house or commercial space:


  • Toilet Bowls – The type of toilet bowl to be installed will impact the price and the way plumbers will set up the fixture in the bathroom. There are two common toilet bowls, the round toilet bowl and the elongated toilet bowl. The first is recommended for homes and commercial spaces with small bathroom spaces. It is also best for those looking for an inexpensive toilet bowl and is more friendly for child use. The elongated toilet bowl, on the other hand, is more expensive than the first option. It fits bigger bathrooms and offers more advantages for property owners looking to blend their toilet bowl with the bathroom’s aesthetic. 
  • Flushing Technologies The dual-flush system and the no-flush waterless toilet are popular options for homeowners and businesses in Melbourne. As its name states, the dual flush system offers users two options when flushing toilets, a full or a partial flush. It is the most common flushing technology found throughout Australia. The second option is best for those with limited plumbing and has access to land suitable for composting and reclamation. 
  • Water Efficiency – Toilet efficiency is another factor to consider when planning for a toilet installation. The Australian Water Efficiency Labelling and Standards (WELS) significantly helps determine whether the toilet to be installed matches the property owner’s expectations on how much water the toilet will consume.


Melbourne’s Top Rated Toilet Repair & Installation Plumbers!

Toilets are expected to serve a home or a commercial building for years to come. Given the frequent use of this fixture, it is best to leave its installation and repair in the hands of someone who has spent years installing and repairing them. At The Local Plumber, our emergency plumber team has the necessary experience and training to work on any issues impacting any type of toilet. With years of experience and a 5 year warranty on all part and a Lifetime Warranty on all workmanship, we can quickly install and fix any problem making it harder for your toilet to function. Contact The Local Plumber today on 0499 556 419  to experience why locals in Melbourne trusts us with their toilet installation and repair today!

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