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Having a reliable gas supply in our households offers great benefits and convenience in our lives. We use gas in cooling and heating our abodes, in cooking our food, in our laundry dryers, among other things. Most, if not all households with a gas supply surely enjoy the practicality of the possible uses this functionality brings.

Our safety gets compromised whenever problems that are gas-related arise. It can be potentially dangerous to try to fix the gas leaks yourself. Don’t take the risk of doing the task if you don’t have proper knowledge about gas leaks and gas pipe fitting. Call for gas plumbing specialists in Melbourne instead.

The Local Plumber offers a variety of professional gas fitting services alongside other plumbing services in Melbourne.

If you’re looking for an efficient, reliable, and fast gas fitting, maintenance, and repair provider, we are the plumbing company that you should call. We work with all types of gas-related installations and appliances whether they use natural gas or are propane-fueled.

Types of Gas Services We Offer in Melbourne

You should only allow any gas fitting activity performed by the most reputable and reliable gas plumbing specialists. Such activities can be dangerous if handled by inexperienced or suspiciously cheap service providers. 

Gas-related problems should not be taken lightly or for granted, for that matter. The worst of disasters in a household come from gas leaks and poor installations.

Here are the gas-related services The Local Plumber offers to all residents of Melbourne.

Gas Installation

Only allow professional plumbing experts like The Local Plumber to do any form of gas installation. Experienced gas pipe experts always make sure that the tubes and valves are perfectly fitted to prevent any leaks. Moreover, they can also safely set up and connect your appliances to the main gas lines when needed.

Gas Bayonet Installation

If you own portable heaters or other gas-fueled appliances that are constantly moved around the house use gas bayonets to assure the safety connection between the wall socket valve and your appliances. It may be a simple procedure to perform but remember, it is illegal to connect them yourself. You should have a licensed plumber do that for you.

Gas Appliance Installation and Repairs

Gas appliances are the things we have at home that use natural gas, hydrogen, propane or any other gas fuel as their power source instead of electricity. From the comfort of the fire pits and heaters to the grilling stations for cooking delectable food, these items provide conveniences that we almost can’t live without. For safety reasons, always practise regular maintenance and only hire the gas appliance experts to do the job. 

Gas Pipeline Replacement

Gas pipelines that are decades old are due for replacement. An ageing pipe can easily leak or burst when exposed to heat and flame. Even contact with water can lead to accidents due to its corrosion effects. If you don’t have enough budget for replacement, at least have them checked every year for your safety.

Gas Safety Checks

You are advised to have your gas plumbing systems and fittings inspected every couple of years. The valves, pipes, and other parts deteriorate over time due to clogging, corrosion, and exposure to elements. Have a professional plumber check and see if your systems are still following the standards and specifications required for safety usage.

Gas Leak Detection and Repairs

Early detection of gas leaks can prevent a plethora of disasters in your home. Learn how to identify signs of gas leaks as well as the recommended course of action whenever these signs are observed.

Signs of Gas Leaks You Should Be Aware Of

  • A putrid smell like that of a rotten egg
  • Hissing sounds
  • Bubbling coming from the walls or floor
  • Blowing of dust whenever the gas valve is turned on
  • The vegetations growing along the lines of gas pipes are dying or deteriorating

If you observe any of the following signs mentioned above, read the next section and learn what you should do immediately.

What to Do in Cases of Gas Leaks in Melbourne

  • Turn off the gas supply from the main source
  • Turn off all appliances using gas
  • Open all windows and doors to allow air to move freely
  • Call an emergency gas leak specialist

Why Choose Us As Your Gas Fitters in Melbourne

The Local Plumber is composed of experienced and reliable plumbing specialists. We have been serving Melbourne’s metropolitan area for more than two decades as well as its surrounding suburbs with comprehensive gas installation, maintenance, and repair services.

We are available to perform gas fitting and emergency plumber repairs 24/7 as well blocked drain repairs. All you have to do is call us and discuss with our friendly customer representative any gas-related repairs you need. Our team of expert gas fitters will be in your location within the hour.

What Makes Us Stand Out!

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On Time Plumber - Or It's Free!

We believe in honesty and integrity — and that means being on time. If we're not, then you don't pay us for the time spent waiting. We understand the urgency of an emergency, and that is why we proudly offer the guarantee of an on-time plumber or we work for free.

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Same Day Services

We understand that you need to get your plumbing fixed quickly, and our local plumbers in Melbourne are here to make it happen. We proudly offer 24/7 and same-day services. This means we can be at any location at any time.

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5 Year Warranty On All Materials

We believe in providing our customers with the best quality products and services at a fair price. That’s why we only use and supply the best plumbing materials with a 5-year warranty so that you can rest easy knowing your plumbing will last for years to come!

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Licensed & Insured Plumbers

Every one of our plumbers is fully licensed and insured as per Consumer Affairs Victoria, so we can provide top-quality service. We are proud to offer you the best local plumbers in Melbourne for all your plumbing needs.

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