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If your drain is blocked, it is important to identify, diagnose and to quickly remove the blockage immediately before the issue continues to escalate.  When your blockage is extremely deep and embedded within your piping system,  our qualified CCTV drain inspection plumbers will make the repair and diagnosis seamless and stress free. CCTV inspections are vital in unclogging a blocked drain as it enables our team to have a better understanding of the situation and plan their next steps in repairing the affected drain pipes or the whole plumbing system.


What is a CCTV Drain Inspection?


Closed-circuit television (CCTV)  is a technology commonly used in surveillance. This technology in plumbing allows our plumbers to see in real time what exactly is in your drains and pipes to ultimately determine the cause of your blockage. This service also allows us to visualise the condition of the pipes and other drains. By having an idea of what’s going on in a drain or pipe network, our team can properly diagnose the problem and come up with an appropriate solution.

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Common Uses For CCTV Drain Inspections

This camera allows for real-time visualisation of the drain or pipes. Footage from this service could also be recorded for review later on if it is a major drain blockage that requires excavation.  


  • Blocked drains – The cause of clogging, at times, can be challenging to pinpoint. A CCTV drain inspection helps in identifying the location of the blockage and which is causing the clogging. Knowing the location of the trouble helps in targeting an exact location when repairing blocked drains.
  • Leak detection – Leaking can happen in all possible locations. With this service, our emergency plumbing service experts can easily detect where the leak is happening. This service helps determine leaks in concrete slabs and bathrooms, among other things.
  • Pipe relining – Like in detecting leaks, CCTV drain inspection can also determine the location of the damaged pipe. Pipe relining requires the exact location of the affected pipe as it would create a new layer over the damaged pipe. The small camera used in this service helps find potential damages in pipes, including holes, cracks and other defects.

What Are The Benefits of CCTV Drain Inspection?

With the rapid development in technology, processes and the way of living is becoming more efficient. Our team here at The Local Plumber use only the latest and greatest plumbing technologies to ensure that our team is ready when “issues” hit the fan. Here are the benefits associated with our Melbourne CCTV drain inspection service:

  • Pinpoint Accuracy  – A live look at the state of the drain or pipe allows our emergency plumber to have a better grasp of what is happening. It allows us to understand the things going on inside the drain or the pipe network. By using a camera, we can visualise the state of the infrastructure and the scope of the damage. This technology replaces the traditional way of guessing which is causing the problem and where the damage is happening.
  • Efficiency This technology is cost-effective and time-effective compared to traditional approaches in detecting drain and pipe issues. All it takes is sliding down a camera into the drain or pipe to check for irregularities. It also gives our 24hr emergency plumber a better view of the factor behind the problem and its location.
  • Non-invasive & non-destructive – Back in the day, repairing damaged pipes required digging and excavating them to have a better look at the damage and the state of the pipe. While this still may be the case for major drain blockages. With the CCTV drain inspection service, plumbers no longer need to do these as all it takes is to have a small camera investigate what is happening down the drain or pipe.


The Cost of a CCTV Drain Inspection Service

Cost is always a significant factor when availing of a service or product. At The Local Plumber, we make sure that each dollar spent brings ten-fold benefits to our clients. The simple answer is – it truly varies. Numerous factors contribute to the rise or fall of expenses associated with this service with costs varying from approx $150- $1,500*. Typically, a CCTV drain inspection covers the following:

  • Accessing the drain and inserting the camera into the plumbing network.
  • Navigating the CCTV through the pipe system and assessing for possible issues.
  • After inspecting the drain, coming up with a report detailing the findings, including the damage identified and the state of the plumbing system.


Service costs can go up when there are issues or obstacles encountered while inserting or handling the CCTV tool through the plumbing system. In these instances, the 24 hour plumbing repair professional usually turns to additional tools to have better control over the CCTV camera.

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Working with a trained and experienced 24hr emergency plumber is key to having a healthy plumbing system. At The Local Plumber, our 24 hour plumbers have all the experience and knowledge to help our fellow locals deal with their plumbing issues. Each emergency plumbing service professional in our team has met the requirements set by the Plumbing Regulations Act 2018 and holds a licence from the Victorian Building Authority. These qualifications ensure that we have the necessary skills and experience to handle all plumbing issues, including visualising the plumbing network using a CCTV camera. Contact The Local Plumber now to experience why we are considered the best emergency plumber in Melbourne – we have carried out 1000s of CCTV drain inspections!

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