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10 Tips to Effectively Unclog a Toilet

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Most of us often overlook the importance of a toilet until it fails to perform its function. Clogged toilets can bring a great deal of inconvenience to our daily life.

Although removing clogs can be relatively easy, the results may vary depending on the situation and the extent of the blockage. Besides, some clogs might go far down the drains, which are extremely difficult to remove.

And so, we’ve listed ten tips to effectively unclog a toilet to help you find the best solution to your clogging problem.

1. Pour a Bucket of Water

This method is simply flushing the toilet but with a large amount of water poured with intensive force. Pouring a bucket of water should force the blockage and debris through the pipes.

Fill a bucket with water and hold it while standing over the bowl. Slowly dump it into the bowl and see the results.

You should stop pouring water on your toilet right away once you notice it’s filling up the bowl. It’s essential to prevent overflowing as much as possible.

2. Use a Plunger

A plunger is a common tool for unclogging a toilet. This handy item is a must-have in your house whether or not you’ve experienced clogging issues.

You can always buy one as there are many plungers available in the market, ranging from flange-type to heavy-duty ones. 

Unclogging your toilet with a plunger is quite easy. When attempting the job, don’t forget to wear rubber gloves so that the toilet water won’t splash or touch your hands. 

Hold the plunger carefully and put the rubber part on the toilet bowl. Start plunging and do it several times with considerable force to loosen the clog and push any debris down the drain.

3. Try a Plumbing Snake

Like the plunger, a plumbing snake should be readily available in your home. If you don’t have it, then it’s time to buy one. 

It is a flexible wire tool known as a toilet auger. You can easily maneuver it deeper down the drain while pushing and twisting the handle in a clockwise direction. 

The motion will allow the plumbing snake to push any debris down your toilet drain. 

4. The Baking Soda and Vinegar Mixture

If the plunger and plumbing snake don’t work, vinegar and baking soda mixture is one ideal option you need to try. These materials are commonly present in your kitchen, so you can grab some and create a mixture to eliminate toilet and drain clogging (blocked drains).

Mix one cup of baking soda and two cups of water, then pour the mixture into your toilet bowl. Take two cups of vinegar and pour it down the toilet. Wait for a couple of minutes or hours to allow the mixture to break down materials blocking the drain. 

5. The Dish Soap and Hot Water Solution

Another tip to unclog a toilet is by using hot water and dish soap. Mix the two and pour the solution into the toilet bowl. 

Leave it for several minutes before rinsing it. Try this method with baking soda and vinegar to effectively eliminate toilet clogging issues. 

6. Remove the Clog with Wet/Dry Vacuum 

Using a wet and dry vacuum is more effective for removing clogs than the previous methods mentioned. You may use a regular or heavy-duty vacuum. If you have one, then you’re good to go. 

Empty the water in the bowl using the vacuum. Then, place its hose into the toilet while pushing it down carefully into the drain. Create a suction effect with an old towel tied to the hose and turn on the vacuum to remove the toilet debris. 

Finally, flush the toilet and check if the water drains quickly as usual. 

7. Use a Wire Hanger

If nothing else is available in your home to unclog a toilet, try using a wire hanger. Get one, loosen and straighten it up, then cover its one end with a piece of old cloth to avoid damaging the toilet porcelain. 

Secure the cloth with duct tape, put your gloves on and place the covered end of the wire into the toilet bowl while gently pushing it down the drain. This method works for obstructions that are just a couple of inches from the drain. 

8. Apply an Enzyme Product

Purchase an enzyme waste removal product that can soften clogs and debris effectively. There are many products available in the market that may suit your needs and help you unclog your toilet. 

Enzyme products don’t harm your pipes, so you need not worry about such matters. 

9. Consider Using Chemical Drain Cleaner

You can opt for chemical drain cleaning solutions if the clogging persists. However, you need to be extra careful when using such products as they may contain toxic substances that can harm human health, animals, and pipes. 

Consider this method as your last resort if the other methods fail to work. Follow the instructions carefully when applying chemical drain cleaners to ensure safety at all times. 

10. Contact a Professional Plumber in Melbourne

If nothing seems to work and you still have a clogged toilet, it’s time to call a local expert plumber near you. There are instances when the problem might be too complicated for you to handle. 

Do-it-yourself methods will not always work as the issues may vary. When in doubt, never hesitate to contact us at The Local Plumber. 

We inspect and work on toilets to get rid of the clogging right away. Our plumbing services in Melbourne address a wide range of issues, guaranteed 100% satisfaction and safety!

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