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No Hot Water — Water Heater Repair and Troubleshooting


If there is no hot water then this often means there is an issue with the hot water heater. Problems that result in hot water not being available can range from certain electric or gas hot water heater issues or general problems experienced by any hot water heater. Here at The Local Plumber our hot water system repairs are here for Melbourne locals for us to resolve the no hot water problem.

The main causes for no hot water coming from the hot water heater are:

  • Water leaks
  • Gas and electric power interruptions
  • Thermostat and temperature issues
  • Gas leaks
  • Pilot light being out
  • Old age
  • Water pressure imbalances


Why Do I Have No Hot Water?

Gas and electric hot water systems have their own and shared issues that can result in no hot water. Below is a guide on why the system might not be working and there is no hot water:

Electric Hot Water Heater

An electric hot water system uses heating elements to heat up the water to a hotter temperature, here are some of the main causes for the system not warming up the water:

  • Power Interruptions – since the electric hot water systems uses electricity to power at times if there are power faults or interruptions this can mean it cannot work to heat up water. A power outage may have been the cause so check to see if any of the electrical switches were tripped and then rest them. If any of the fuses were blown then they may need to be replaced. An electrician who can work with the electricals of a hot water system should be contacted to repair broken electrical components of the system. 
  • Thermostat Issues – the thermostat is what monitors the temperature of the water and will control the temperature of the water. If the thermostat is at the wrong temperature then this might be why there is no warm water. The thermostat of the hot water unit may also be faulty and needs to be repaired or replaced.
  • Tripped High Temperature Cut-Off Switch – this switch is installed to ensure that the water does not become too high which could burn people. If the switch has a fault then it might accidentally prevent hot or warm water and resetting the switch should be done to revert this issue otherwise it might need to be replaced or repaired.

Gas Hot Water Heater

A gas hot water heater uses gas to power a flame that heats up the water, here are the main issues that result in there being no hot water:

  • Pilot Light is Out – the pilot light is what ignites the gas to heat the water but if it is off then the water cannot be heated. Look at the instructions for the hot water heater to know how to turn back on the pilot light. If the pilot light will not turn on then the thermocouple might be broken which is what controls the gas flow to the heater.
  • Gas Leak – natural gas has no colour or smell which is why a pungent-smelling compound is added to ensure that people can detect if there is a leak. If you smell a bad smell then a gas leak may be happening which is why there is also no hot water. 
  • Gas Supply Issues – sometimes there is no warm water due to the gas supply to the hot water heater having issues, check to see if the supply switch is off, defective or if there is a gas supply issue in the area.

General Issues

There are many other issues that can happen to both gas and electric hot water systems, here are the main ones:

  • Old Age – most hot water heaters will last between 10 to 15 years before they start to wear out. If the hot water heater is this old and it is not producing hot water then it either needs repairs or it may be more effective to have it replaced. 
  • Water Leaks – a water leak from the hot water heater can prevent the system from working optimally and heating the water. If there is a water leak from the hot water heater then it is important a plumber is contacted to repair the problem to prevent water damage, stress on the system and other issues. 
  • Water Pressure Imbalances – if there is low or high water pressure within the home this can cause the temperature of the water to fluctuate. Water pressure issues can be from water leaks, the main shut off valve not being open fully as well as other issues that a plumber should resolve.
  • Home Thermostat – when the hot water weather temperature is higher than the home’s heat then it will not work properly, turning up the heat might work otherwise there might be a problem with the thermostat’s power or settings.

What Do I Do When I Have No Hot Water?

When you have no hot water, relying on the plumbers here at The Local Plumber is the best action to take. Our fully qualified plumbers are able to quickly find out what is causing the hot water heating to not heat the water. After finding out the cause of the problem we then use the most effective tools and techniques to resolve the issue. 

Our Melbourne plumbers are here for all areas, including North Melbourne and West Melbourne, to restore the hot water. We are also here to perform many other plumbing services, including Emergency Plumber and Blocked Drain work. For professional plumbers to help when there is no hot water – rely on The Local Plumber!

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