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What Are The Advantages Of An LPG Gas System?


There are many advantages that come with installing an LPG gas system to be used throughout the home. Liquid petroleum gas is a type of gas system that can be used for heating, hot water and cooking systems. It is low maintenance, efficient and easier to install compared to natural gas alternatives. Here at The Local Plumber, our Melbourne plumbing team is here to provide professional gas fitting services, including working with LPG systems.

The main advantages that come with LPG gas systems in the home are:

  • It is easy to move around and be stored
  • Provides a higher heat making it more efficient to be used for heating and cooking
  • Easy to use and requires low maintenance, often only for it to be replaced with a new one
  • Ideal for rural properties or areas with no access to natural gas

What is LPG?

LPG or liquid petroleum gas consists mainly of propane and is used in properties to power heating, hot water and cooking systems. The propane is produced as a by-product of processing other fossil fuels and is within this gas type. LPG is placed under pressure to be able to be transported as a liquid and placed in gas cylinders. Once the pressure is released the LPG becomes a gas which is how it is used with the bottles.

What are the Positives of Using an LPG Gas System in the Home?

LPG gas systems for residential use, as well as in commercial and industrial settings, have many advantages:

  • Portability – since LPG gas comes in bottles it is easy to purchase, bring to the home and have stored or connected. 
  • Efficiency – these gas systems provide a higher heat meaning they can burn at a higher temperature for the cooking and heating systems.
  • Accessibility – for those with no access to natural gas systems, such as on rural properties, LPG makes it easy to have elements of the home powered by gas.
  • Low maintenance – the LPG gas burners have a long life and overall the system requires little maintenance compared to natural gas systems.
  • Cleaner – LPG is cleaner than other fossil fuel energy types meaning it is better compared to other fossil fuel energy sources for keeping the air cleaner. 

How Can LPG Gas Systems Be Used in the Home?

LPG can be used in a variety of ways to power specific parts and systems of the home. LPG has many benefits and here are some of the main ways it is used in powering gas systems:

LPG Gas Cooking

Using LPG for cooking is one of the more popular ways of using LPG as a gas system within homes and properties. The gas cooktop provides more power and heat control over other ways of cooking, such as electric cooktops. LPG provides more control over the heat and the heat is instant and cools down quickly, allowing stronger and gentle flames to be easily swapped. Gas ovens are also better at controlling the moisture within the food, maintaining the flavour and can cook better.

LPG Gas Hot Water Systems

Gas hot water systems are popular due to being efficient and able to provide hot water quickly. Storage hot water systems heat up water that is stored in a tank while instantaneous hot water systems heat water immediately without a storage tank. LPG can be used to power hot water systems and can efficiently heat the water. Read our blog ‘gas vs electric hot water systems – what should I choose?’ to see how each compares to the other and what will be best for you.

LPG Gas Heating Systems

There are many ways to heat the home and using LPG gas systems is one effective way. Gas heating is great for heating up larger areas and using LPG to power these systems is an option. Some examples of LPG gas systems for heating include portable, radiant-convectors, flued radiant, fireplaces and LPG powered flued heaters. 

What is the Difference Between Natural Gas and LPG?

Gas systems in the home can be powered by LPG or natural gas. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages but both are great for gas powered systems. Natural gas is made of methane gas while LPG is mainly propane. Comparing the two natural gas is cheaper for running costs and is more practical and reliable as the supply flow is constant. LPG is portable, provides higher heat and is great for those with no access to natural gas. Contact a licensed gas fitter for their advice on whether natural gas or LPG should be installed – The Local Plumber is here to help!

Professional Gas Fitters and Plumbers for Melbourne

The Local Plumber offers Emergency Plumber services to Melbourne locals for us to perform work with plumbing and gas systems. Our fully qualified plumbers and gas fitters are skilled at working with any kind of system, including LPG gas systems. We are able to provide installation, repair and inspection services and are here at all times of the day. 

Our gas fitting and plumbing services are here for all areas, including Inner Melbourne and South Melbourne. We also provide professional Blocked Drain services where our team can unblock any drain or pipe efficiently and safely. Contact The Local Plumber today for a reliable LPG gas system and all other gas fitting and plumbing services!

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