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How To Locate & Turn Your Water Main Off?


To turn off the water main it involves locating where it is, understanding what type it is then turning it off. Most times the reason to turn off the water main to the property or to one system or appliance is to help with resolving plumbing problems. Having the water turned off to restrict water flow is not good for the system and it should only be done in plumbing emergency situations. Here at The Local Plumber our Emergency Plumber team is here to resolve any plumbing issue and will turn off the main water supply when required. 

When needing to turn off the water main it is often at the front of the house under a council cover plate. Turning it clockwise to stop the water supply is how most mains can be shut off. To shut off the water supply to one appliance it is often within the cabinetry or behind the appliance.

When Would I Need to Turn Off the Water Main?

Turning off the water supply to the home or property will only be done in certain situations. The water main should not be used to regulate the volume of water flow but instead be used to completely shut off or open the water supply. Some common examples of why the water main might be closed are:

  • If there is a suspected or known water leak to prevent more water from leaking out
  • When a pipe has burst or is suspected to have burst
  • If there is any water pooling up in the yard or ground
  • When plumbing renovation, repairs, maintenance and replacement work needs to be done
  • When plumbing fixtures and appliances need to be replaced or repaired

Most times when there is a water leak or burst pipe is when the water to the property needs to be shut off to prevent more water damage and to repair the problem as soon as possible. If a pipe, fixture or other plumbing system needs work on then either the whole property’s water supply or that specific system will be shut off. 

How Do I Locate My Water Main?

In warmer climates and across most of Australia the water main for a property will be at the front and will often have a council cover plate on it. If the climate is cooler then the water main is often located inside the building, such as in the utility room or kitchen. 

How Do I Switch Off the Water to My Property?

When the whole property needs its water shut off then it is important that the local government water agency is notified and a reason why needs to be provided. The main reasons include if a plumbing emergency is present and your main water valve is not shutting off, if there is a leak between the street lines and your plumbing lines or if the main shut off valve is going to be replaced. When there is approval then the valve can be shut off, remove the cover plate and turn off the water supply. 

How Do I Switch Off the Water to My Home?

Similar to the water going to the property, to locate where the valve is to shut off water to the home then it is often the same as or close to above. Locate where the main water valve is and turn it clockwise to stop the water from entering the home or building. This will be mainly done when there is a plumbing emergency, such as leaks and burst pipes, to prevent damage. 

How Do I Switch Off the Water to My Appliance or Fixture?

In some situations turning off the water supply to one fixture or appliance is more convenient than turning off the whole water supply to the home. Most fixtures will have their own dedicated shut off valve which will be close by to them, such as behind the washing machine or in the cabinetry for a sink. Turning the valve clockwise will turn off the water supply and the appliance or fixture will not have water running to it. If you are dealing with a water leak our blog ‘5 ways to fix a leaking pipe’ is here to help!

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