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Gas Vs Electric Hot Water Systems – What Should I Choose?


Choosing between gas and electric hot water systems can be difficult due to them both being good and effective. Each type of system has its pros and cons which need to be considered to determine which hot water system is best to install. Having a plumber look over the water usage and hot water needs of the home to give their recommendations is helpful. Here at The Local Plumber, our Emergency Plumber team will perform trusted hot water system repairs and installations for both gas and electric hot water systems. 

To choose between gas and electric hot water systems looking at their positives and negatives is important. Gas hot water systems are often more expensive at first but are more cost effective in the long term and run more efficiently. Electric hot water systems are popular, easy to install and service and are more energy efficient.

What Should I Choose Between Gas and Electric Hot Water Systems?

This is not one definite answer to choosing either gas or electric hot water systems due to each system being more beneficial to different people’s needs. Below is a guide on what each hot water system offers and why you might prefer one over the other:

  • When there is already a natural gas connection to the home then it will be cheaper to install and run gas water systems
  • Installing the system is easier, often only taking a few hours if there is already gas lines present
  • Most times the average household of four people need a tank of 135-170L
  • Most gas hot water systems will be installed outside and if needed a flue will be installed for indoor installation
  • Gas hot water systems have a star rating where the higher the energy rating the more energy efficient the system is
  • A pilot light is included in some gas hot water systems which will constantly use small amounts of gas
  • The option to use liquid petroleum gas bottles is there as an alternative to natural gas but the long term expenses are much higher
  • Gas systems will in the future be more expensive than electric due to technology changing and more solar panels being installed
  • The cost to purchase a gas hot water system is around $900 to $2000
  • Electric hot water systems will often be the cheapest to initially buy but are often the most expensive to run in the long term
  • Installing electric systems are simple with it often taking a few hours when the right systems are present
  • When using the system during off-peak times it will be cheaper
  • For a average household of 4 people a 125-160L tank for a continuous rate electric system is needed and a 250-315L for off-peak systems
  • Electric systems are allowed to be installed in both indoor and outdoor settings
  • To purchase an electric hot water system it will be around $400 to $1800


If curious to know signs of the hot water system needing to be replaced then our blog is here to help!

Should I Use a Storage Tank to Continuous Flow System For My Hot Water System?

There are two types of tanks that are used for both gas and electric hot water systems:

  • Most hot water systems will use a tank and most households will find that it will be the most cost-effective solution
  • Maintenance and plumbing inspections are important so a plumber can find any corrosion, if the anodes need replacing or other issues to keep the system healthy
  • Stainless steel tanks are more expensive yet last longer and do not require as much service work than mild-steel and other types of storage tanks
  • It is important to insulate the tank on top of its own insulation to ensure as little heat escapes
  • These systems are also called “instantaneous” and will only heat the amount of water that is wanted at that specific time
  • Most continuous flow systems are connected with gas systems where if an electric system wants to use continuous flow it will only be for one shower or tap
  • Smaller households benefit more from continuous flow systems while larger homes or homes with more people benefit more from storage tank systems

What is the Recommended Hot Water System for My Household?

Each household can install any type of hot water system with either continuous flow or strange tank systems but here are the recommended systems for different households:

  • Small households – smaller households with around 1 or 2 people living in them should install continuous flow hot water systems or either gas or electric or smaller gas storage tank systems. 
  • Medium households – medium sized homes with 3 to 4 people living in them should use gas systems that are either continuous flow or storage tanks.
  • Large households – when larger households have more than 5 people then using multiple continuous flow gas systems might be needed


Who Can Install Hot Water Systems?

Most plumbers can successfully install and connect the wiring of hot water systems. However it is also possible for skilled electricians to carry out these installations.

Melbourne’s Expert Hot Water System Services

The Local Plumber is here with fully qualified plumbers to repair and install both gas and electric hot water systems. Our team is here to install, repair and service the hot water systems and can also offer advice on what we recommended would be the best system for your household. We offer our hot water system services to all of Melbourne, including North Melbourne and East Melbourne, and also trusted Blocked Drain services. For the most reliable and professional gas and electric hot water systems services – rely on The Local Plumber!

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