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How Does Leak Detection Work?


Leak detection involves using tools and techniques to determine if there is a leak and where it is. There are at home and professional methods to find leaks and also specific systems that do it automatically. Here at The Local Plumber, we offer leak repairs to Melbourne locals where our team will detect a leak and resolve it using the best methods. 

There are many ways to perform leak detection work, including:

  • At home methods – looking for puddles, leaks, dripping sounds, higher water bill, water meter checks, patches of green glass and the different appliances and pipes
  • Professional methods – CCTV, heat scanners and acoustic listening devices
  • Leak detection systems – mechanical, ultrasonic wavelength and moisture

What is Leak Detection?

When there is a leak present in a plumbing system, often the pipes, then detecting this through certain methods is important. Detecting leaks early will help prevent costly repairs due to leaks often causing stress and water damage to the plumbing system and surrounding area. There are at home methods of detecting leaks, professional plumber methods of inspecting leaks as well as systems that can be installed that automatically look for leaks. 

At Home Leak Detection Methods

Here are some at home leak detection methods to try:

  • Check the water bill – if the water bill has gone up but you have not increased your water usage then this might be a sign that there is a leak happening somewhere in the property.
  • Look at the water meter – the water meter can be used to help detect a leak as it can provide an accurate answer. Locate where the water meter is and then ensure that no appliance is running in the home. If the numbers on the meter have changed after some time without using water then a leak could be present. 
  • Patches of greener grass – if the grass is greener in some areas than in others then this can be a sign of leakage in that area. 
  • Appliances and fixtures – performing visual inspections on the appliances, fixtures and pipes around the home to see if they are leaking is a quick and easy method to find if there is a leak. 
  • Look for signs of a leak – there are many signs to look out for that may suggest a leak is happening. These include the wall being discoloured, mould appearing on the wall, ceiling or objects, the wall paper or paint is bubbling or coming off, there are puddles of water in places, leaking roofs, a dripping sound is present and also if there is a musty smell in some areas.

For more detailed steps on how to find a water leak using at home methods we strongly encourage you to read our blog which offers more advice. 

Professional Leak Detection Methods

Hiring a plumber to perform leak detection services is advised because they have the skills and experience to know exactly how to locate leaks. Some of the professional leak detection methods used by plumbers are:

  • Acoustic listening devices – these are microphones and listening discs that will help locate where leaks are located. This is done by using sound and plumbers can find where the water is escaping from, the device can pick up even when the water drips through concrete. 
  • Heat scanners – when the area is too loud for the acoustic listening devices to be used a plumber will use heat scanners to pick up leaks. They will use a tool that finds temperature changes because when water escapes the temperature will shift and therefore will come up on the scanners. 
  • CCTV – another method used to locate a leak is using cameras inside of a pipe. A camera with long fibre optic cables will be inserted into the pipe and provide live feedback to a plumber. They will be able to see where the leak is but also assess the condition of the pipe. This makes it easier to locate the leak, determine what is causing the problem and what the best repairs are.

Leak Detection System

A leak detection system can be installed in the home to ensure that if there is a leak it can be found early. They are either mechanical, use ultrasonic wavelengths or can detect the mixture levels to determine if a leak is present. Some are installed in one area, such as under the sink, and some will be connected to monitor the whole home.

Mechanical turbine leak detection systems will count the amount of water that passes through the sensor to then decide if there is a consistent stream of water flow and then there is a leak. Ultrasonic wavelength systems will inspect to see if there are any irregular water patterns and if there is confirm there is a leak. Moisture leak detectors will look out for any increased moisture levels in an area, such as under the sink, then cut off the water supply to prevent moisture and water damage from occurring from the leak.

Expert Plumbing Leak Detection Services

The Local Plumber offers Melbourne with the best lead detection services performed by fully qualified plumbers. Our experienced team know what tools and techniques to use to find the exact location of any leak. We understand what to look for and then know the best methods to repair the leak no matter where it is. We offer our leak detection services, along with our professional Emergency Plumber and Blocked Drain work, to all Melbourne suburbs, including West Melbourne and South Melbourne. For reliable plumbers to find and repair leaks – always trust The Local Plumber!

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