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Is Mould A Plumbing Issue?


Blocked drains, damaged pipes, hot water defects and leaking taps are some of the most common issues affecting all plumbing systems throughout Melbourne. Mould growth can be a by-product of these issues and if not properly addressed, it can lead to irreparable damage and hefty insurance claims

Several factors contribute to its development. Most of the time, mould growth is due to a plumbing issue that has been left undetected and unrepaired for a long time. Regardless of the origin, our 24 hour emergency plumber team here at The Local Plumber are always on standby and ready to assist our fellow locals!

What Has Caused Mould In My House?

Mould does not only interfere with a building’s aesthetic but it can also cause problems with the property’s structural integrity as well as cause further headaches. It could also significantly contribute to health hazards, especially for those suffering from allergies and asthma.

Mildew usually presents in white or grey colour. It appears more powdery compared to mould, with some individuals claiming that it is the early stage of mould. On the other hand, mould is a silent killer that started its destruction even before it was discovered. Mould rapidly grows, with some reproducing within 48 hours or less. Grey, black and green spots are usual indicators of mould growth on ceilings and walls. 

Damp areas are where mildew and mould thrive the most. The following are common reasons behind mould thriving in pipes:

  • Leaking sinks – Leaking is the most frequent cause of mould growth. A dark space with damp areas, the space underneath any sink is the ideal environment for mould growth. We recommend regularly checking this space for leaking to avoid damp areas forming and if there are any puddles, clean them with a dry rag immediately
  • Bathrooms – While bathrooms are best known for breeding all kinds of microorganisms, mildew and mould thrives in the environment due to the high concentration of oxygen and brought on by warm showers and steam. By giving this space less attention, it makes up the perfect recipe for mould and mildew.
  • Clogged drainsBlockages in the sewer lines or any other places leave stagnant water. When left unattended, it can cause fungal growth and mould will rapidly grow in this environment
  • Moisture – The basement is where sump pumps, drain pipes and pressurised hot and cold water lines are located. It is also poorly ventilated, humid and dark, which makes it prone to moisture. These factors are reasons why mildew and mould grow healthy in the basement.
  • Hidden leaks – A busted pipe usually has a hidden leak. While it is hard to identify and locate these leaks, it is important to resolve them as soon as possible. If left unrepaired for a long period, it could cause discolouration in the wall or ceiling. Due to the nature of this leaking, it is best to have a 24hr emergency plumber identify and solve this plumbing issue.
  • Flooding – Homes and commercial buildings located in flood-prone areas are most susceptible to mildew and mould. This natural phenomenon leaves water settling deep inside the floors and walls. To prevent fungus or mould spores, we recommend working with an experienced and trained “fast plumber near me” to help deal with the consequences of previously flooded property.

Can Mould Grow in Drain Pipes?

Yes, mould does impact drain pipes. It usually grows in bathroom pipes and drains. Due to the moisture content in this side of the building, it is the most conducive environment for them to be healthy and grow.

How Can I Avoid Mould Growth Within My Home?

Preventing mould development is easy, if given the proper time and attention. The following are some recommended measures by our expert local plumbers:

  • Clean regularly – Mildew and mould thrive in damp areas. Cleaning is the cheapest preventive measure for this problem. We recommend cleaning drains by pouring boiling water down the drain and cleaning the sink to prevent mould growth. 
  • Improve the airflow – The abundance of humidity helps keep mildew and mould healthy. The solution is to have a good supply of fresh air in every part of the building. Opening a window or turning on an electric fan improves airflow.
  • Use dehumidifiers – To remove moisture from the air, using a dehumidifier is a great solution. This device helps in fighting off the high level of humidity and mould. It is best situated in bathrooms and other damp areas of the home or commercial space.
  • Open the bathroom window – The bathroom is where mildew and mould like to grow. It has all the needed nutrition needed to thrive. Our emergency plumbing service professionals recommend opening this room’s windows to keep air flowing.

How to Fix Mould Growth in Pipes?

When signs of mildew or mould growth start appearing brought on by a plumbing issue, it is time to reach out to a trusted and experienced 24 hour plumber. Our professionals have seen a lot of mildew and mould related issues and we possess the skills to properly identify and provide the best and most efficient solution. We will provide the reason behind your damp floors or walls and we also have the essentials in repairing plumbing issues that cause moisture or damp areas in your building. Some of the tools we will use to remove mould growth as: high pressure jet blasting, cctv drain inspections and electric drain snakes!

Choose the Best Emergency Plumber in Sydney Today!

When signs of mildew and mould growth are starting to appear, our emergency plumbing service experts are just a call or message away from helping. Each 24hr emergency plumber in our team has the experience, knowledge and tools necessary to identify the factor behind this issue and provide a permanent solution. We can guarantee this level of plumbing repair due to the capabilities of our “emergency plumber nearby. ” We have met the requirements set by the Plumbing Regulations Act 2018 and hold a licence from the Victorian Building Authority

Our team has spent over a decade providing Melbourne locals with top-notch leaking toilet and shower repairs, pipe relining and hot water system installations and repairs. Contact The Local Plumber now to have the most trusted and skilled emergency plumber in Melbourne today with a best price guarantee and a lifetime guarantee on all workmanship!

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