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Why Is My Water Bill So High This Quarter?


When the water bill is high this can be due to a number of reasons. Knowing why the bill is higher than usual will help in determining the cause and what to do about it. A plumber can perform plumbing inspections to help as well with deciding on what is causing the water bill to increase suddenly. Here at The Local Plumber, our Emergency Plumber team is here to help in finding out why the water bill is high and how to also save on water bill costs. 

The main links to why the water bill is high are:

  • It includes the previous unpaid amounts
  • The water price has increased
  • The bill period is longer
  • More people are present in the home
  • There is a water leak
  • Older plumbing appliances are using more water
  • New water-consuming systems, such as pools, have been installed

Why is the Water Bill High?

It is important to ask specific questions about why the water bill is high to see what is causing the problem. The main questions and reasons why the water bill is high are:

Does the water bill include any previous unpaid amounts?

The water bill might be higher than usual because it may include amounts that were not paid from the last billing period.

Did the water price increase?

Check the rates of the old and new bills to see if the prices have increased. The water provider will alert of this increase within the water bill or in another notice and if not then contacting them will help. 

Is the water bill period longer?

Sometimes there might be a delay issue with when the water bill is given out. When this happens then you will be billed for the longer billing period which will result in the water bill being higher than usual. 

Are more people home?

In the school holidays or when more people are present and living in the home might be the reason why the water bill has increased. The more people in the home means that water is used more and can help explain why the water bill is high.

Is there a water leak occurring somewhere in the home?

Water leaks mean wasted water and can be the reason why the water bill is high. A water leak can be from one of the taps of the home or can range for an underground pipe water leak. Performing visual inspections and also calling a plumber to inspect for a water leak are important processes. Water leaks will drain water and this water is counted as used leading to the water bill to increase.

For advice on how to find a water leak, our blog is here with all the best steps and methods. 

Are old plumbing appliances and systems present in the home?

Older plumbing systems and appliances are the reason why the water bill is increasing every time. These systems use more water and are not as efficient as modern plumbing. Older plumbing is also more likely to experience a problem or be broken which can cause other issues, such as leaks, leading to the bill price rising. Looking over the quality of these systems to determine if they are using more water and raising the bill is important.

Have you installed new appliances and plumbing systems?

New sprinklers, toilets, washing machines, a pool and other plumbing or general systems that use water and were recently installed could be the reason for the water bill increase. Adding these systems that use water can explain the unexpected rise in water bill costs so remembering this will help with knowing why the water bill is higher than before.

How Do I Save Money on the Water Bill?

The best ways to save money on the water bill and prevent the water bill from increasing are:

  • Have shorter showers
  • Repair water leaks early
  • Use and install energy efficient plumbing appliances
  • Turn off the tap when not using it
  • Upgrade the plumbing appliances, such as the toilet, to a more efficient model
  • Repurpose any unused water, such as for gardening
  • Install a tap aerator
  • Try to not wash the car at home
  • Try to limit the time thawing or washing vegetables under the tap with running water
  • Mulch the garden

For more in depth information about how to save money on the water bill our blog is here to help.

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The Local Plumber is here with fully qualified emergency plumbers to resolve any issues that are explaining why the water bill is high. Each plumber knows what problems to look for that may be making the water bill higher than usual. Each issue will be resolved using the most effective and professional techniques to ensure it is repaired correctly. Along with reliably emergency plumber services to all of Melbourne we also provide trusted Blocked Drain services. When needing plumbers to resolve problems leading to a high water bill – The Local Plumber is here to help!

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