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How Do You Find A Water Leak?


To find a water leak there need to be regular inspections of different plumbing systems. Knowing what systems to look at and how to find a leak will ensure that major plumbing problems and expenses can be prevented early. Any person can perform basic water leak checks but a professional plumber will know how to undergo expert leak detection. Here at The Local Plumber our Emergency Plumber team are here for Melbourne locals to find and repair a water leak

The main methods to find a water leak are:

  • Visual inspections – looking at the tap, hot water system, shower, toilet and other plumbing systems for visible or signs of leaks
  • Meter inspections – a test using the water meter can be done by not using the water, writing the number down on the meter then checking it again in an hour and if the number has changed…a leak is present

How to Find a Water Leak?

The four main reasons and common problems that explain why the toilet keeps running are:

The best way to find water leaks are:

  • Inspect the hot water system’s expansion valve when the hot water has not been used for a while. If there is a leak around the hot water system’s expansion valve then a leak could be present
  • Look over each tap, showerhead and toilet to see signs of leakage, such as dripping water or water leakage underneath the sink
  • Place a dry towel, paper towel or similar item at the back of the toilet behind the toilet bowl and flush the toilet. If the towel is wet after the flush then this means that there could be a water leak in the toilet
  • If there are any hoses or irrigation pipes connected to a tap, inspect to see if they are leaking water. Also, disconnect these systems from the tap and see if water is dripping for some time when they are removed 
  • Look at the grass and if there are patches of greener grass then an underground leak could be causing the problem

The more the toilet is used and also through time the toilet flapper may crack due to hardening or simply wear away. When the toilet flapper stops working correctly then water will seep into the toilet tank and constantly run.

We highly recommend to contact professional plumber when wanting to do an in-depth inspection of a water meter. However, to find water leaks using the water meter follow these steps:

  1. Turn off all systems that use water, including the taps, dishwasher, washing machines and drip systems
  2. Find where the water meter of the home is located, most times it will be at the front or side of the property
  3. Record the numbers that are on the water meter dial, at times a water meter might have a separate dial that shows if a leak is present or not
  4. Do not use water for around an hour because the next step is to see if water was “used” during this period
  5. Check back after and see if the numbers on the water meter dial have altered. If they have and no water was used during the hour then this means that a leak is present. The higher the change of numbers on the dial will help determine how large the water leak is.

General Questions About Water Leaks

What causes water leaks?

The first step when needing to resolve running toilet water is to turn off the main water supply to the toilet to prevent water from making the job more difficult.

Replace the Float Ball or Lower the Float Arm

  • Incorrectly aligned and installed pipework and lines
  • Corrosion forming in the pipes
  • The ground moving and causing the pipes to move, break, disconnect and be damaged
  • Not maintaining the condition of the pipe lines
  • The age and materials of the pipes, older pipes breaking away as time goes on
  • External damages to the pipelines, such as tree roots breaking into them

What are signs of a water leak?

  • Water bill increasing that is not linked to directly using water more
  • The water meter water leak dial is alerting of a leak or if the water meter ticks when there are no water systems or appliances in use
  • Moisture build up around where the leak is occurring, such as a leak under the sink and this area has an increase in moisture
  • The grass is greener in some areas or plants and trees are growing faster than they should be
  • Water damage in parts of the home, for example cracks in the ceiling or in the driveway

Why should I hire a plumber to perform leak detection services?

A plumber will be able to use professional techniques, such as CCTV or thermal imaging, to quickly and effectively find a leak. Locating and repairing a leak will prevent structural damage from water exposure, moisture build up potentially causing mould growth, water bill increase on wasted water and many more beneficial results.

Reliable Leak Detection Services in Melbourne

The Local Plumber is the best place to rely on when needing plumbing professionals to find a water leak and then repair it. Each fully qualified plumber on our team will utilise the best techniques to find andresolve water leak issues. We offer our water leak repairs and detection services, as well as our Blocked Drain services, to all of Melbourne including North Melbourne and Inner Melbourne. For trusted leak detection and leak repair services – you can rely on The Local Plumber Melbourne. We are open 24/7 and are proudly a 100% Aussie Family owned business!

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