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9 Common Causes & Signs Of Blocked Drains


There are many causes and signs of blocked drains that people can experience within their homes. Objects, food and other wastage can lead to a Blocked Drain and when a clog appears then other issues can emerge. Looking for signs of a blocked drain and knowing how to prevent future blockages are important skills. Here at The Local Plumber, our blocked drain plumbers know how to find any clog in any plumbing system then resolve it professionally. 

9 causes and signs of blocked drains are:

  • Food
  • Tree roots
  • Fat, oil and grease
  • Flushable wipes
  • Hair
  • Pipe scale and mineral buildup
  • Nature 
  • Small objects
  • Soap and detergent

What are Common Causes and Signs of Blocked Drains?

The main causes of blockages and then the signs to look out for are:

When food is pushed down the kitchen sink it can easily become caught in parts of the pipes and then build up to create a blockage. From small seeds to larger chunks of food, it is always important to dispose of food scraps in the bin rather than the sink to avoid a blockage. If the kitchen sink drains slowly, there is stagnant water or there is a foul smell coming from the kitchen sink then these are signs of a food blockage. 

Tree roots can be attracted to pipes due to the water flowing through them. This means they can break through the pipe to gain access to the water and then create blockages. Signs that tree roots have entered the pipes and are causing problems and blockages are patches of greener or damper grass, outdoor drain pipe draining problems and vegetation growing faster than usual. 

Fats, oils and grease should never be poured down the drain as they can easily build up inside the pipes and form larger blockages. Disposing of cooking oil, fats and grease correctly is important to prevent often problematic clogs. Signs that grease, fats and oils have clogged the drain are foul smells, gurgling noises, slow draining problems and water not going through the drain.  

Wipes, even those that are labeled as flushable, should never be flushed down the toilet. They do not flow correctly and smoothly in the toilet drain and can lead to a blockage forming. If the toilet flushes slowly, if there is backflow or if the toilet does not flush then wipes may have caused this blockage. 

For 10 tips to effectively unclog a toilet then our blog is here to help with professional advice.

Most times in the shower drain and bathroom drains are where hair creates clogs. They can build up over time and mix with soap and other items to block the drain. Noticing hair on the drain opening or if these drains are back flowing or slow draining are signs of hair blockages. 

Pipe scales and mineral buildup, often from dissolved calcium and magnesium, small metallic elements and sediment, can lead to clogs in the drains. They often collect in one spot then can build up in that area to form a larger blockage. Most times hiring a plumber to find out if there are these kinds of clogs is the best way of knowing. 

Sticks, leaves and other parts of nature can become caught in the main drainage systems of the home. Most times the outdoor drains, gutters and downpipes are the main places nature can create a blockage. If these systems are not regularly cleaned and after storms are how these become stuck inside the drains. Visually noticing leaves and alike in the drains or if the drains are overflowing are the best signs to look out for. 

Smaller objects, such as toys or jewellery, should never go down the drain because they can easily be stuck and cause a blockage. Ensure to be careful over drains and keep all items out of the drain unless it is water, toilet paper and wastage. Signs that objects or an object has entered the drain and created a clog are the drain overflowing, the system not flowing and slow draining issues.

Soap and detergent can go down drains but these can still accumulate and create a blockage. Most times solid soap and harsh detergent will create the blockage over liquid forms of them. Ensure to use liquid soap and detergent over solid forms to prevent these blockages. If soap comes up through the drain or the drain is slower to drain then soap and detergent might have caused the clog. 

If wanting to learn of the potential damages blocked drains can cause then we recommended reading our blog for more information.

Reliable Blocked Drain Plumbers

The Local Plumber is here with fully qualified blocked drain plumbers for the locals of Melbourne. We know the causes and signs of blocked drains and can easily utilise professional techniques to deal with the issue. We inspect the system, find out what and where the blockage is then apply the best methods to combat the clog.

Our Emergency Plumber team is here to deal with blockages in any place, including West Melbourne and East Melbourne. For professional and experienced plumbers to arrive fast and resolve blocked drains – trust The Local Plumber!

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