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Do Harsh Liquid Detergents Clog Pipes

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It’s common for the average Melbourne household to use various types of detergents when cleaning dirty dishes and clothes. These products complete the washing process and help us clean everything thoroughly.

While you’re at it, you may have asked yourself, “Do harsh liquid detergents clog pipes?” Maybe you have seen a significant soap buildup on your drains or may have heard drain clogging issues due to detergents.

Hence, it makes you concerned about the safety of your piping system. Fortunately, we are more than willing to help you learn more about the relation between pipe clogging and liquid detergents.

Read on to learn more!

Liquid Detergents and Clog Pipes

Generally, drain pipe clogging wouldn’t be an issue if you’re using liquid detergent. Drain clogging usually occurs when using powdered detergents.

Regular liquid detergents won’t harm your washing machine or dishwasher drain pipes. However, the harsh ones might cause damage and clog over time. Hence, always apply the right amount of detergent to your appliance to prevent drain or pipe clogging.

It’s advisable to check on your appliance user’s manual for the recommended amount of detergent for a single wash. You most likely have to ensure this, especially when using powder detergent, as the latter imposes a higher risk of drain clogging than liquid detergents.

Importance of Using the Right Amount of Liquid Detergent

Keeping your appliances and plumbing system safe from clogs is essential for your day to day living. When applying liquid or powder detergent, it’s important only to use the right amount.

Excessive use of detergent can leave a residue that your appliance may fail to rinse away. On the other hand, using a little amount might not clean your clothes or dishes thoroughly.

It’s a matter of paying attention and following the recommended amount of liquid detergent to help you clean things and prevent pipe clogging issues.

How to Prevent Slow Draining Issues

Applying too much harsh detergent on your washing machine or dishwasher can result in significant soap buildup, which may later on lead to drain and pipe clogs.

Use the right amount of detergent and follow these simple tips to prevent slow draining issues:

  • Use mild liquid detergent rather than harsh liquid or powder detergents.
  • Get the precise amount of detergent using a regular measuring cup.
  • Do a monthly application of white vinegar on your washer and run it in an empty cycle to eliminate detergent buildup and limescale.
  • Use drain care treatment products to clean and clear your drain pipes.
  • If you notice slow draining issues despite using the right amount of liquid detergent, contact a professional plumber for help. Serious clogging will need the expert’s attention.


Typically, regular or mild liquid detergents are at a lower risk of causing pipe clogging. However, harsh liquid and powder detergents impose higher threats.

You can prevent clogging issues by taking simple yet effective steps to clear and clean your drains. Use the right amount of detergents and do regular drain cleaning to eliminate any soap buildup.

If the problem gets too tough, The Local Plumber is always here to help you solve your pipe clogging issues. We are a top-notch plumbing company in Melbourne, delivering fast and effective solutions to any plumbing concerns.

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