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6 Ways To Remove Hair Blocking Your Drain!


Hair blocked drains mostly occur within the shower drain and in the bathroom drain. They are quite common and if left unresolved can build up into larger blockages. The hair can also become stuck with grease and soap leading to a heavy blockage. Here at The Local Plumber, our Blocked Drain plumbers are able to help any Melbourne local with quickly and effectively clearing hair from their drains.

6 different ways to resolve hair blocked drains are:

  • Wire hanger
  • Plumber’s snake
  • Vacuum
  • Boiling water
  • Baking soda and vinegar
  • Plumber’s help

How Do I Fix Hair Blocked Drains?

When wanting to remove hair from bathroom and shower drains ensure to wear gloves and have a place ready for storing the hair once it is removed. The main methods to follow when needing to resolve hair blocked drains are:

Wire Hanger

Using a coat hanger wire to scoop out the hair is an effective way to remove the hair from the drains. Pulling the hair out as it is often closer to the shower and bathroom drain opening can be done easily. Using a coat hanger, have it shaped with a hook for it to grab any hair down the drain. The coat hanger will grab the hair and can be easily lifted out of the drain and into the bin. It is also possible to use your hands, when wearing gloves, to grab the hair caught on the drain opener as well. 

Plumber’s Snake

If the hair is too far down for the coat wire hanger to reach then a plumber’s snake or an auger can be used. This tool will be carefully placed down the drain and when it reaches the hair blockage it tears it and grabs it. This means that if the hair is further down the drain and cannot be reached then the tool can easily remove it.


Specific vacuums are designed for clearing out clogs in drains and they are effective at removing hair from pipes as well. The drain should be opened and as dry as possible for the vacuum to easily suck out the hair caught in the drain. A nozzle can be used to further the reach of the vacuum into the drain. 

This method might not clear hair that is further into the drain but can help with situations where the hair is further up near the drain opening and keeps the process cleaner. It is also a great after-use tool when finishing other methods of hair blocked drain removal to clean any remaining hair. 

Boiling Water

Hair can sometimes become stuck with grease and soap in the bathroom and shower drains meaning the clog is stronger. Other methods might not be able to clear the hair due to it combining with other blockages. Boiling water can be poured into the drain to weaken the hair clog as the soap and grease melt. The hair can then flow through the drain since it is not stuck on anything else. 

Baking Soda and Vinegar

This natural method is one of the most effective at-home methods for clearing blockages at home, including hair blocked drains. Pouring one cup of baking soda followed by one cup of vinegar and allowing it to sizzle can help dissolve the grease, soap and hair. This method is favoured over using chemical cleaners as chemical cleaners are potentially harmful to the pipes and are also not good for the environment. 

Contact a Melbourne Blocked Drain Plumber!

The most reliable way to resolve a hair blocked drain is to contact a trusted and licensed plumber. The professional will be able to quickly locate the hair blockage whether it be close to the drain opening or further down the pipes. Using the right technique, the plumber can efficiently remove the hair and any other clog from the system. A majority of the time the clog will be completely removed from the drain and the hair blockage resolved fast.

Trusted Hair Blocked Drains Service

The Local Plumber offers fully qualified Emergency Plumber services to the locals of Melbourne to help with blocked drain removal tasks, including helping with hair blocked drain problems. No matter what type of clog it is we ensure to properly find the blockage and then address it with the best techniques. We work fast and safely during the blocked drain removal service and make sure that the whole clog is removed from the drain.

Hair blocked drains are resolved efficiently and we offer our plumbing services to all of Melbourne, including North Melbourne and South Melbourne. For professional blocked drain services and help removing hair from drains – rely on The Local Plumber!

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