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When Do You Need A Plumbing Excavation?


Most times a plumbing excavation is often used as a last resort when plumbing problems become too difficult to handle with other methods. The process involves digging up the soil to access the pipes below and perform work on them. A plumber will assess the situation to see if other methods can be used before the excavation, and if the best option is an excavation then it will be done professionally. Here at The Local Plumber, our Emergency Plumber team will perform plumbing excavation work when needed in Melbourne. 

The main issues that require plumbing excavation to occur are:

  • Poor soil conditions potentially damaging the pipes
  • Tree roots breaking and blocking pipes
  • Large blocked drains in pipelines
  • Older pipes needing to be replaced

When is Plumbing Excavation Needed?

A plumber will use plumbing excavation as a last resort or when it will be the most effective option in resolving a plumbing problem. The main issues that result in excavating the ground to access pipes are:

Poor Soil Conditions

If the soil around pipes is poor then this can cause the soil to shift and potentially damage the pipes. When the soil moves and freezes then this can break and crack the pipes. When this occurs due to the soil condition the pipes will need to be replaced via excavating the ground first. 

Tree Root Problems

Tree roots are a major problem with pipe networks as they are attracted to the water within them and will break through the pipes to access this water. Tree roots growing inside pipes can mean a wide range of problems to develop, from a clogged pipe to large cracks in them. If the problem with the tree roots cannot be dealt with without directly accessing the pipe, such as drain cleaners, then the only option may be to excavate to access the pipe and either clear the blockage or replace the pipe. 

We recommend reading our blog ‘9 signs of tree roots in your drains’ to know how to identify when tree roots may have entered the pipes so you can deal with the problem early and before excavating is needed. 

Blocked Drains

Blockages within pipes can be resolved without excavating, such as hydro jetting techniques, but at times the blockage is so large and difficult to remove that excavating to resolve the pipe is the more effective option. From tree roots to large items being stuck in the pipe, a Blocked Drain plumber will try their best to resolve a blocked pipe using other methods before excavating. If no other methods work then the most effective method would be to excavate the ground, access the pipe and replace it with a new one. 

Replacing Old Pipes

Pipes age and this can lead to the pipe corroding, breaking and overall not be as effective at passing content through pipes. Relining pipes over replacing pipes is often the preferred method as it does not involve excavating, is cheaper and is effective. At times though relining the pipes is not possible and simply excavating the ground and replacing the pipes with new ones will be the most beneficial method. 

For more information about pipe relining vs pipe replacement, we strongly encourage you to read our blog for the pros and cons of each pipe repair method. 

How Do I Find a Good Plumber for Plumbing Excavation?

It is important that a good plumbing team is working on the plumbing excavation to ensure everything is done correctly and safely. Ensure to check the following before choosing the plumbing excavation service provider:

Licenses and Insurances

Make sure that the plumber is fully qualified and licensed while having the needed plumbing insurances. This is to ensure that they are trusted and are professionally trained to perform the excavating and plumbing job. 

Experience, Knowledge and Tools

The service provider for the plumbing excavation should be experienced in the field, is professionally trained and has the right equipment to perform the service. The more experience a company has at excavating and repairing pipes it more often means they know how to properly perform the task. Having the right training and tools for the job also means that they understand how to correctly excavate and repair or replace the pipes as well. 

Skilled Plumbers

Looking over who will be performing the service and how skilled they are is important. If possible, look over the profiles of the plumbers that would be working on the excavating and plumbing job. See if they are licensed and also skilled at their job and that they will be reliable at performing the service.

Customer Reviews

Look over the customer reviews of the company and plumbers to see how other people have reviewed them. If there are many positive reviews then it is likely that they can be rusted, while if there are a few negative reviews ensure to ask the plumbers what caused this review to be made.

Expert Plumbing Excavation and Pipe Repairs for Melbourne

The Local Plumber is here to provide reliable plumbing excavation services for all locals of Melbourne. Working from East Melbourne to West Melbourne, our fully qualified plumbers understand how to professionally perform excavating for plumbing purposes. We make sure that all the steps of the process are carefully completed and when working on the pipe repair we operate skillfully. Offering 24 hour services through our Emergency Plumber team, The Local Plumber is the best place to contact when needing expert plumbing excavation services!

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