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Leaking taps are common types of plumbing problems but they do not seem that big of an issue. When taps leaks then major plumbing problems can develop which can lead to costly repairs. Here at The Local Plumber our Emergency Plumber team are here at all times to resolve leaking tap plumbing issues. We offer leak detection and water leak repair services to all of Melbourne and will quickly address and resolve the problem.

What Are Common Causes Of A Leaking Tap?

A tap can leak from many different reasons, here are the common causes of a leaking tap:

  • Washer – the tap washer is often the cause of the tap leaking. This is the small leather or rubber ring at the end of the water pipe and the tap pushes down to prevent water from escaping the tap. These can corrode and become damaged over time leading to the tap leaking.
  • O-ring – this is installed in the tap handle to create a waterproof seal and prevent water from leaking gout of the tap handle. When this becomes loose or damaged then water can leak near the handle of the tap.
  • Cartridge – this part is what controls the temperature and flow of the water of the tap. When this wears and tears over time then it will need replacing otherwise the tap will leak.
  • Valve seal – where the spout and the tap join is where the valve seat is located and it is vulnerable. Mineral build up and wear and tear cause this part to be damaged leading to a tap leak. 
  • Loose parts – the parts in the tap might be loose which can cause water to leak through.
  • Excessive water pressure – if there is high water pressure in the plumbing system then water cannot flow properly in the system and will try to come out at different points, such as leaking from the tap.
  • Pipe issues – tap pipe issues, such as cracks or corrosion, can lead to other problems developing and ultimately causing the tap to leak.
  • Type of tap – the type of tap might be the reason why it leaks and certain issues with it have caused the leaking to occur.


What Are Signs Of A Leaking Tap?

There are many signs to look out for that suggest there is a leaking tap or are leaking taps in the home:

  • Visual leak – the main inspection to do is to see if the tap is visually leaking water, including the handle, base of the tap and the pipes underneath.
  • Puddles – if there are puddles of water under the tap or around where the tap is then this can be a sign that the tap is leaking water.
  • Noisy tap and handle – if there is a constant sound with the tap or if the handle is hard to move or makes loud noises then a leak could be causing these issues.
  • Water angle – if the water comes out of the tap at an angle then there is a problem within the tap and at times this can signal a leak is occurring.
  • Mineral build up – if there is mineral build up on the tap or with parts of the tap then a problem has occurred and leaks may be one of the problems that have developed from this.

For more information on how to find a water leak, our blog is here with detailed steps and guides. Our plumbers are also here to detect leaks, especially from the taps, and ensure that they can be addressed.

Why Do I Need a Plumber to Repair My Leaking Tap?

Leaking taps should have a plumber inspect the issue and see what is causing the tap to leak. If taps are not repaired as soon as possible then the following problems can occur:

  • Costs – water dripping from the tap or from the tap’s pipes can add to the water bill.
  • Mould growth – the leaking water can lead to mould growing on areas, such as in the vanity or in the ceiling.
  • Structural damage – water that has leaked from the tap and is not resolved can build up and constantly wet structural components of the home, weakening them then damaging them.
  • Health issues – the mould that can grow from the water that has leaked from the tap can cause health risks to people.


It is extremely important that leaking taps are resolved as soon as possible to prevent these issues. Resolving the leaking tap early will ensure that the home and people are safe and unnecessary costs are avoided. A plumber should be contacted immediately to perform the leaking tap inspection and repair.

Leaking Tap Replacement and Repair Services Melbourne

Our plumbers are here to repair and replace leaking taps where we find the exact problem and address it correctly. There are many different connections, parts and systems of the tap which are more complicated than what taps might appear. We make sure to look at the whole system and then utilise the best techniques to stop the water leak. Each plumber is fully qualified and has the experience to effectively, swiftly and safely resolve any difficulty or type of leaking tap.


Our leaking tap services are offered to all of Melbourne, including North Melbourne and South Melbourne. We also provide reliable Blocked Drain services where we can resolve any kind of blockage inside any plumbing system, including a blocked tap. For trusted leaking tap services in Melbourne – rely on The Local Plumber!


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