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How to Change Your House Tap Washers

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Many Melbourne households complain of dripping or leaking taps. Such a problem occurs for several reasons, but the most common culprit is a damaged or worn-out tap washer.

You can find the tap washer inside your house tap, near its seat. It is a small rubber disc that pushes against the seat, creating a seal that prevents water from dripping when the tap is turned off.

When this component gets damaged, it will fail to form a watertight seal causing the water to leak from the tap. A dripping tap can be a frustrating problem in your home.

Besides, if the leaks continue, the water wastage can cost you money over time. Such a problem can also cause damages to your property.

Hence, replacing tap washers is essential, and you should learn how to do it right to get your house tap back into better working order.

Importance of Changing Your House Tap Washers

With frequent usage, house tap washers can wear over time and deteriorate quality. The substantial decrease in its water capacity to contain when you turn off the tap may lead to leaking and dripping issues.

Experiencing such problems brings a series of inconveniences to your daily life. If you have a dripping or damaged tap, it’s essential to act right away and fix the issue.

Doing so will help you avoid all the hassle that comes with it. When in doubt, you can always refer to an emergency plumbing company for assistance.

What You Need

Before changing your house tap washers, you have to prepare all the materials and tools needed for the job. Make sure you have the following:

  • Replacement tap washers
  • Spanners
  • Screwdrivers
  • Multi-grip Pliers

Once you’ve prepared all the necessary tools, you’re all set for a tap washer replacement job.

Please remember that plumbing jobs beyond changing a house tap washer should be referred to the experts. Check your local government’s plumbing regulations as it’s illegal to perform any unlicensed plumbing work

Steps to Replace Your House Tap Washers

Learning how to change your house tap washer is quite easy. Doing it yourself can save you money in the long run. Here’s how you can do it:

1. Turn Off the Water Supply

Before anything else, make sure you’ve turned off your home’s water supply. You can either turn off the isolation valve underneath the tap or the stop valve next to the water meter. 

If you’re replacing the tap washer on your hot water tap, ensure to turn off the immersion heater and boiler before performing the work. 

Once done, turn on your tap to let the excess water on the pipes flow out. 

2. Dismantle Your Tap

Every tap assembly requires a unique way of dismantling. You have to be patient in finding the components that need to get removed first.

Dismantling the entire assembly usually starts by removing a small screw or nut. The components you have to remove are the tap button, handle, tap skirt and the actual tap body.

Use tools to dismantle such components and remember what came first and last as you need to reassemble them again. You can take photos if you find it difficult to remember the sequence.

3. Replace the Tap Washer

Get a new tap washer that matches your old one. There are different sizes and shapes of tap washers available in the market. Find one that fits your entire assembly. 

You can take your damaged tap washer to a hardware store so you can easily find the right replacement for your house tap. 

To replace the tap washer, use your fingers and pliers to slide the new washer into the right position. You also have to change the old small screw and take the opportunity to clean the limescale inside the tap.

Ensure that everything will be in better working condition once you put them back together. 

4. Reassemble the Tap and Turn On the Water Supply

Reassemble the tap by putting back all the components you’ve removed, starting from the last one to the first. Make sure to put each piece in the right order and position. 

Tighten all the screws properly. Once everything is back in place, turn the water supply on to let the water flow back on your tap. Finally, your house tap is ready to use again!

If your plumbing problem goes beyond your control, never hesitate to contact the experts at The Local Plumber in Melbourne.

We have effective and safe solutions to various plumbing issues other than a dripping tap. You can rely on us for any plumbing service in Melbourne. Book your appointment anytime!

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