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Why Are My Floor Drains Overflowing?


Determining why flooding occurs inside a building can be a challenge. With pipes ageing, it increases the chances of damage and other objects getting stuck down the drain pipes. Regular maintenance helps, but they do not guarantee overflowing will not occur especially during the wetter seasons.

Regardless of what caused the overflow, our blocked drain plumbers at The Local Plumber can help whenever our fellow Melbourne locals need an expert. Our blocked drain specialists have years of experience and training to handle all common plumbing emergencies. For blocked drains, we are experts in blocked kitchen sink drains, blocked toilets and blocked sewers, among other drains.

Reasons for Overflowing Floor Drains:

  • Improperly installed drain pipes
  • Blocked drains
  • Ageing plumbing system
  • Tree root intrusion

Common Causes Behind Overflowing Blocked Drains

Clogging does not happen in an instant. Various factors come into play for this plumbing problem to block the drain pipes. Age is among those that majorly contribute to blockage in drain pipes. However, it is not the only thing that causes the problem. Several other factors join forces and cause blocked drains damage and other issues in these pipes. Based on our professional daily experience, the following are some common causes behind clogged drains that lead to floor drains overflowing:

  • Decay – Improper installation, rotting and disjointed pipes are something drain pipes will experience down the line. Breaks or any irregularities within the system can cause dirt, tree roots and other debris to freely enter the network and cause clogging. While all sections of the plumbing system are prone to this threat, the main sewer line should be given priority as it is responsible for draining wastewater into the main sewer drain. 
  • Foreign objects – Drain pipes are designed to handle wastewater and wastewater only. When foreign objects get inside the system, it is a sure formula for clogging. Flushing down things commonly thought of as safe is usually the common reason behind foreign objects getting stuck down the drain. Wet wipes, sanitary products and even toys are common objects causing blockages down drains.
  • Soaps – Many may think that clogging is only possible when an object gets stuck down the drain. However, most blocked drain cases usually involve dishwashing liquids, soaps and other hygiene products. What is common among these things is that they can leave scum inside the drain pipes. This scum, or slime, thickens as time passes and when they are left uncleaned. Over time, it could slow down or completely block the passage of wastewater down the pipes. 

Property owners do have a choice when these things are causing issues. They can either opt for a do-it-yourself fix or have an expert come over.

Ways to Fix Overflowing Floor Drains

For those who wanted to try repairing the drain on their own, several DIY fixes are available. All of these have been tried and tested to relieve clogging however their effectiveness will vary depending on your blockage type. Here are some go-to DIY solutions when the floor drain overflows:

  • Natural drain cleaners – Our blocked drain specialists recommend going through eco-friendly solutions first when dealing with overflowing floor drains. These solutions use readily available materials commonly found at home. From baking soda to hot water, these natural cleaners have been the first aid for most homemakers who are dealing with clogged drains. 
  • Commercially available cleaners – For those who want a quicker and professionally-tested cleaning solution, dozens of commercially available products are on the market. These cleaners contain chemicals making them powerful mixtures to relieve whatever is causing the blockage. 

For more information on how homemade drain cleaners work, be sure to check out our latest blog!

If the above methods do not work, be sure to contact a local plumber to assist. Some of the strategies to professionally resolve a overflowing drain are as follows:

  • CCTV drain inspections – Knowing which is causing the problem and where it is happening is essential when cleaning blocked drains. If it is impossible to tell which and where the clogging is occurring, it is time to call a blocked drain repair team. These professionals have the tools to easily determine the situation. Their CCTV drain inspection service uses a small camera that slides down the drain pipes to visualise the clogging. With this tool, it will be easier to determine whether it is toilet tissues, a broken t-trap or a toy that is the reason behind the overflowing floor drain.
  • Pipe replacement – This method is the final option when it is impossible to repair. Pipes suffering from cracks, collapse or misalignment may cause further problems or have you spend more. Pipe relining or parchment are also alternatives when you want to save money but still get a dependable pipe network.

Preventing Water From Coming Out of The Floor Drain

You can also try out preventive measures for overflowing floor drains. Installing plugs with backflow devices is an option to prevent backflow from the drain pipes. These plugs come with a ball or float responsible for stopping water or sewage backup from entering the building. Our experts recommend having one of them, especially for homeowners and businesses located in flood-prone areas and those with water levels expected to be above the flood stage. Another good thing about these plugs is that they come in different kinds and sizes. Test balls are best for emergencies when there is an immediate need to seal drains. For those looking for a permanent solution, backflow valves come with a ball or float that closes off the drain when backflow happens. You  can also choose to have threaded caps, pressure plugs or twist plugs on their floor drains.

Melbourne’s Leading Plumber for Overflowing Drains!

At The Local Plumber, we have some of the most skilled professionals in Melbourne. Our team has years worth of experience helping homeowners and businesses with their clogged drains and we are fully licensed and insured to assist. May it be a damaged sewer pipe or a toy stuck down the toilet drain, our team will have the most efficient solution in minutes, which wont cost you an arm and a leg!  Aside from unclogging drains, we are also experts in hot water system installations, gas fitting services and toilet repairs, among other emergency plumbing services. Contact The Local Plumber today to have one of Melbourne’s leading plumbers fix your blocked drains today!

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