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Who Is Responsible For A Blocked Drain in Melbourne?


Blocked drains happen in every property, regardless as to whether it is a new apartment, an older house or a high-rise residential building, homeowners and renters will encounter this plumbing issue. Several factors contribute to blockage in any drain type and all are as threatening as the other. Immediate proper attention is a must to avoid the damaging consequences associated with clogged drains. 

At The Local Plumber, we have the most experienced blocked drain emergency plumbers who can help deal with any clogging type. Our team has been specializing in unclogging blocked sewers, blocked toilets, blocked showerheads and any other blockage you may be experiencing!

Whose Responsibility is it to Unblock Drains?

When clogging happens, the first question that comes to mind is – who is responsible. It is an important question, especially for those renting a home or commercial space. Consumer Affairs Victoria states that landlords must ensure a property is in pristine condition before a tenant moves in and for the duration of their contract. It means maintaining the rented property throughout the tenant’s stay. Experts recommend double-checking the property before signing the condition report. Consumer Affairs Victoria also lists the following fixtures that should meet the minimum standards that landlords before can rent out their property:

  • Toilet, bathroom, kitchen and laundry facilities
  • Lighting, ventilation and heating
  • Locks and windows
  • Building structure, mould and damp

However, tenants also need to do their part. They must refrain from damaging or having maintenance issues on every part of the property. They also have the responsibility of informing the landlord of leaks, clogging and other issues experienced on the property.

Landlord or Tenant: Who Should Pay?

The general rule is that the landlord has to pay for everything, from busted windows to broken light bulbs and blocked drains. As previously mentioned, the landlord must ensure the property is in good condition throughout the tenant’s stay. 

In Australia, repair in a landlord-tenant relationship comes with two definitions. The first is urgent repairs, and the other is general maintenance or not so urgent repairs. The former is the responsibility of the landlord. Issues classified as urgent include blocked drains. Tenants need to inform the landlord as soon as the issue is discovered, 

However if your landlord is not being responsive to your issue,  here are the following instances where homeowners can decide on their own to have clogged drains repaired:

  • They made an effort to inform the landlord of the issue
  • The landlord failed to make a prompt response
  • The urgent repair costs less than $2,500

When renters assume responsibility for paying for unclogging services, we recommend keeping all receipts. These documents must be included in the written notice to be sent to the landlord. Upon receiving the notice, Victorian laws mandate this notice should be sent within seven after the repairs were completed. 

Can I Claim After Having a Blocked Drain Repaired?

Renters who undertake the responsibility of having a blocked drain specialist unclog a blocked drain can reimburse his expenses against the landlord. Consumer Affairs Victoria allows reimbursement for the expenses incurred by the tenant as long as:

  • The problem was not their fault
  • They made reasonable efforts to inform the landlord about the issue
  • The landlord has a reasonable chance to do the repairs
  • The repair was carried out by a repair person named in the tenancy agreement or by a licensed or qualified tradesperson

The Cost of Fixing a Blocked Drain in Melbourne

Clogged drains differ in which caused the blockage, the size of the issue and which drain is affected. As clogging can happen in any part of the property, the cost of unclogging them varies. In Melbourne, fixing blocked drains comes with the following price tag:

  • Minor clogging in the sewer and fixtures like baths, sinks and toilets will see landlords spending approx $150 +
  • For clogging that requires a high-pressure water jet and CCTV inspection, it costs approx  $275-$1000. This approach is common in removing paper buildup in the main sewer line or clogged boundary trap.
  • Landlords will have to shell out $385-$2000 + to remove tree roots interfering with the main sewer or unclog stubborn blocked drains due to a cracked pipe. This method usually sees blocked drain plumbers using a high-pressure water jet, Mechanical Sewer Machine and CCTV inspection.
  • Using a high-pressure water jet and a CCTV inspection to unclog a blocked stormwater drain will cost approx $250 +

A blocked drain specialist who has spent years working on clogged drains in homes and commercial spaces is the best choice.

These are all approximate pricing estimates. The final cost can vary significantly depending on the nature of your blockage. For a more accurate estimate, please contact a local plumber directly*

Experience the Best Blocked Drain Repair in Melbourne Today!

Clogging is an issue no one likes to have, but it must be fixed. Leaving it unrepaired can lead to flooding and additional stress on the plumbing system. It could also result in costly repairs and irreparable damage further down the track. When there’s a clogged drain, it is a must to immediately turn to an experienced blocked drain plumber for help. 

Here at The Local Plumber Melbourne, we have spent over ten years dealing with plumbing issues in residential and commercial properties daily. Each blocked drain specialist in our team has met the requirements set by the Plumbing Regulations Act 2018 and holds a plumbing licence from the Victorian Building Authority. These qualifications enable usto provide the best unclogging service and world-class customer service. To have any clogged drains repaired as soon as possible and prevent further damaging consequences, reach out to a highly skilled blocked drain repair team in Melbourne. Contact The Local Plumber now to have one of our plumbers fix your blocked drains today!

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