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9 Signs Of Tree Roots In Your Drains & How To Fix?


Tree roots in drains can lead to challenging and potentially damaging issues if not quickly identified and resolved . From the grass being greener to plumbing flowing back, tree roots breaking into pipes is never positive. Having a plumber inspect the plumbing system to see if tree roots are the problem or if it is something else early will prevent major costs in the future. Here at The Local Plumber our Blocked Drain plumbers will find and resolve tree root concerns inside any property in Melbourne. 

9 signs of tree roots in your drains are:

  • Slow drains
  • Gurgling noises from drains
  • Regular toilet back ups
  • Bad odour from the drains
  • Sudden low water pressure
  • Random green patches on the grass
  • Trees growing faster
  • Sinkholes in the yard
  • Increases in your water bill

What are Signs of Tree Roots in the Drain?

The main signs of tree roots in the drain are:

If your shower and sink are draining slower than usual then this might be because tree roots have entered the pipes. The tree roots block the inside of the pipes which means it is harder for water to smoothly flow out of the drain. This means that the water will slowly drain out of the shower or sink depending on how much the roots have blocked the drains.

Gurgling sounds, not to be mistaken for the sounds after the bath has been emptied, often mean that there is a blockage in the system. When the sink is emptied, the toilet is flushed or when water is running and gurgling sounds occur then it might mean the water is struggling to flow through the pipes. This gurgling sound can be linked to tree roots preventing a clear path for water to travel in the drain.

When the toilet backs up regularly then this is a clear sign that there is a blockage in the toilet drain. Tree roots might be causing the toilet to be blocked and the sewage and water to back up into the home. The tree roots will prevent water from properly flowing through the pipes but can also catch toilet paper and debris creating a larger blockage as well.

A bad smell coming out of the drain can be linked to tree roots blocking the sewer line. The unpleasant smell will be from a blockage and build up in the drains and waste accumulating. The longer the tree root blockage is left alone – the worse the smell will become.

Low water pressure can occur from many different sources but blockages formed by tree roots can be the cause. If the water pressure seems lower than usual then this can be from tree roots causing blockages in the system and negatively affect the efficiency of the system. A plumber will be able to determine whether or not there are tree roots in the drains through inspection methods.

Tree roots in drains can lead to water leaking out of the pipe underground. When there are random patches of greener grass then this may be due to a pipe leakage underneath which is watering the soil. The tree roots causing a blockage and making holes and cracks in the pipe can create this situation and help provide a sign that it is occurring.

Similar to if the grass is randomly greener if a tree is growing faster,  then this might mean that its roots have entered a pipe. The water and nutrients from the pipes will cause the tree to grow faster. This means that if the tree is growing much faster than normal then ensure a plumber inspects the pipes as the roots might have broken into them.

When tree roots enter they can break pipes which causes water that ultimately softens the ground. If there are sinkholes or soft spots on the ground then this can mean that tree roots have broken into pipes underneath. Sinkholes are a serious sign of a major tree root blockage and should be repaired by a professional as soon as possible.

When the water bill has increased randomly, not because of signs of more water, then this can be a sign of a hidden plumbing issue causing water to leak and be wasted. Tree roots in drains creating blocked drains and other plumbing problems lead to water being wasted and the bill rising. A plumber will inspect for a wide range of problems to decide on what is causing the water bill to increase and might link it to tree roots in the drain.

Professional Tree Root Plumbing Repairs Melbourne

The Local Plumber is here to send our fully qualified Emergency Plumber to resolve tree roots in drains for Melbourne locals. Our team are experts at finding out what is causing a plumbing problem then addressing them with the most effective techniques. If tree roots are in drains and creating plumbing difficulties, then we work fast and effectively to resolve the issue. Available to all of Melbourne 24/7, including South Melbourne and East Melbourne, our tree root repair services are here at all times – trust The Local Plumber today for up to 15% off your first plumbing service!

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