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Pipe Relining vs Replacement – What Do I Need?


Pipe relining and replacement are considered when damaged or old pipes need work done on them. Pipe replacement involves removing the piping system and replacing it with completely new pipes. Pipe relining uses the current pipes present to strengthen them from the inside. Here at The Local Plumber, our Emergency Plumber team is here to perform pipe relining and replacement work and can offer advice on which one we believe is the most beneficial.

The difference between pipe relining and replacement services is that pipe replacement removes the whole pipes and adds new ones while pipe relining uses the existing pipes to strengthen them from the inside. Pipe relining will most times be the most cost, time and generally effective while replacements are needed if the pipes are too broken and damaged.

What Do I Need Between Pipe Relining and Replacement?

Below is a guide on pipe relining and replacement services, what they are and the pros and cons of each one:

Pipe Relining

Pipe relining is a type of pipe repair that does not require excavation to access pipes but only a small hole to access the pipes. The pipe relining plumber uses an epoxy resin-covered tube that is inserted into the pipe which is damaged and this will inflate. The inflated tube becomes flush against the inside pipe walls and the resin forms a hard protective coat. This means that any damaged area is covered, sealed and the overall pipe is as if it was brand new. 

Pipe relining requires the pipes to be completely cleared of anything. This involves using CCTV to assess the insides then followed by an electric drain cleaner or hydro jetting techniques to clear it out. If the pipe has too many large holes, cracks and is structurally not stable then pipe relining will not be used.

  • Less invasive and destructive
  • More time effective
  • Great long term benefits
  • Can be more cost effective depending on the situation 
  • The pipe relining solution can last from 20 to 50 years
  • Pipe relining is not always possible
  • The materials can be costly
  • Any un-relined sections can be prone to tree roots growing inside them
  • If the relining process is not done properly then the pipe can still experience the previous issues

Pipe Replacement

Pipe replacement is the method of completely replacing pipes and installing new ones. This method is mainly used when pipes are severely broken or damaged and cannot be relined or when there is a major Blocked Drain and the only method is to replace the pipe. The plumber on the job will assess the situation and ensure that electricity or gas lines are not touched in the excavation process. Finding the exact location of where the blocked or damaged pipe is is important to ensure there can be as little excavating and digging as possible. 

Safety measures and proper planning are done before and during the digging process. The pipe will be removed and replaced with a new pipe using professional methods as well. The process takes a team of plumbers due to the large scale and type of work involved in pipe replacement. 

  • Replacing the pipe might be the most cost effective solution and if the pipes are closer to the surface the less it will cost
  • At times replacing the pipe is the only possible method or will result in it being the most effective over other pipe repair jobs
  • The time to perform the job is long as there is a lot of planning, accessing, digging and the replacement work
  • It is loud, creates a mess and can be inconvenient while it will damage the garden and landscaping
  • The cost can be expensive due to the parts, labour and time

Expert Pipe Relining and Replacement Services

The Local Plumber is here for Melbourne locals to perform pipe relining and replacement work. Our fully qualified plumbers are able to carry out both pipe relining and replacement jobs on any property. We ensure that the whole job is properly managed and organised while safety precautions are carried through the whole service. No matter the difficulty of the relining or excavation our team uses all their skills and knowledge to complete the job swiftly and efficiently. For trusted pipe relining and excavation plumbing services – always rely on The Local Plumber!

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