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Off Peak Hot Water Systems – What You Need To Know!

Off Peak Hot Water Systems What You Need To Know the local plumber

With prices rising at an alarming rate, it is only natural to look for ways to cut down on unnecessary expenses. A malfunctioning or older hot water system is a key culprit as this can lead to higher home bills. However, there are tricks to lower what you spend on running your water heater. Homeowners can see huge savings when they opt for an off-peak water heating system. 

At The Local Plumber, we can help determine whether an off-peak hot water system is the best option for your needs. Our team can also guide you through the installation process and even help with its maintenance and repair.

What to Know About Off-Peak Hot Water Systems:

  • Cost-effective as they can be scheduled to run only when the electricity tariff is low
  • Requires a bigger tank, especially when there is a huge demand for hot water
  • Overriding an off-peak water heater is possible, but property owners should be prepared to pay a bigger electricity bill
  • The amount you should expect to pay still depends on how much hot water you consume, regardless if you are running on an off-peak hot water system or an on-demand system

What is An Off Peak Hot Water System?

In short, off-peak hot water systems are water heaters capable of running only at certain times. These systems allow property owners to run their water heaters at their liking, and to also schedule it when the electricity tariff is low. A bigger tank is the most important piece of equipment when using this kind of water heater. This bigger equipment stores more hot water when the system goes off as the electricity tariff goes up. Our emergency plumbers recommend a minimum capacity of 250 litres and up, which is the recommended capacity for families of three to four members.

Can You Override Off-Peak Hot Water?

Yes, it is possible to override off-peak water heaters. However, it should only be done when absolutely necessary. Given the cost-savings that come with using this type of hot water system, it should only be overridden when it makes sense, for example when your home won’t need hot water for a long time. Our hot water plumbers also recommend practising these precautions when overriding the off-peak water heater:

  • Ensure you know how to reset the system – For every light switched off, you must also know how to turn it back on. The same goes for off-peak hot water systems. Having this knowledge allows you to immediately get the system back up when something goes wrong. 
  • Be mindful of hot water demand – Being mindful helps as hot water can immediately run out when overriding the system. It means not running multiple appliances dependent on the hot water system at the same time.
  • Monitor energy usage – With a water heater overridden, expect an increase in energy usage. Failing to monitor your hot water usage might shock you when you finally receive your energy bill.
  • Stick to the water heater’s manual – Your hot water system’s manual should be the first thing you consult when anything goes wrong. This manual provides accurate information when overriding the system or resetting it.
  • Use a timer – A timer prevents wasted energy and money as you can monitor how long you have been heating water.
  • Check for leaks – Leaking can further increase energy use and spending. Checking for possible leaks can help prevent spending more resources.
  • Reset your system regularly – If you are not overriding the system, our experts recommend regularly resetting the water heater. This routine reset helps the system run smoothly.

Is Running Hot Water On-demand Cheaper?

With the abundance of hot water system types, you can now select which best suits your families needs. You can go for a set-up that gives you hot water instantly or have a tank-based unit that allows you to save. For those who are still undecided on which they should get, here is a comparison of running an off-peak hot water system and an on-demand water heater:

  • Off-peak hot water system – This system heats all the needed hot water and stores them in a tank big enough to cater to the demand when everyone is at home. Heating usually happens at night, around midnight and can take about two to four hours before it is completed. The cost-effectiveness of this setup comes from the time it usually heats the water. Most property owners schedule the heating of hot water when electricity tariffs drop.
  • On-demand water heaters – This set-up is most beneficial for those who consume less than 41 gallons of hot water per day, offering a 24% to 34% energy efficiency compared to a conventional storage-tank water heater. This hot water system type may be costly to install but its savings come when operating it. It also lasts longer than tank-based systems with its life expectancy reaching more than 20 years. This system also offers benefits like avoiding heat loss associated with tank-based water heaters.

At the end of the day, the answer to which offers the most savings varies. The amount you spend when running an on-demand hot water system and off-peak water heaters still depend on how much hot water is consumed.

Melbourne’s Leading Off Peak Hot Water System Installation and Repair!

Dealing with hot water system installation and repair should be left in the hands of an expert. Our professionals have years of experience and training behind their backs. Through those years, we have helped countless homes and businesses have the correct water heater that meets their needs.
When you need an expert to help with your water heater, we are always just a call or message away from helping. We have been the go-to hot water plumber for any needs of locals’ hot water systems, whether it is electric, gas-fueled or solar-powered systems. We are experienced and trained in installing, maintaining and repairing these systems and regularly deal with all hot water system issues. This capability comes from meeting the requirements set by the Victorian State Government’s hot water requirements.. If you want to experience first-hand world-class hot water system installation and repair, contact The Local Plumber today!

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