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What Has Caused My Hot Water Heater To Burst & How To Fix?

What Has Caused My Hot Water Heater To Burst & How To Fix?

There are many factors that may have caused the hot water heater to burst in your home. From old age to excessive pressure, the hot water system may leak then burst causing major problems. It is important to know what signs to look for to prevent the issue of the hot water system bursting from occurring. Here at The Local Plumber, our melbourne plumbers are able to resolve any burst pipe or system issue and work with all hot water systems. 

The main issues that causes hot water heater burst are:

  • Old age
  • Broken storage tank
  • Excessive pressure
  • Improper drainage
  • Loose fixtures

What Caused My Hot Water Heater to Burst?

The main reasons that have caused the hot water heater to burst are:

Old Age

Most hot water systems will last between 10 to 15 years and towards the end of their lifetime they will begin to fail and cause problems. If the hot water heater is old then this means it will be less efficient and the internal parts will not function as smoothly. This means that the system is more likely to break, leak and potentially burst. 

Broken Storage Tank

The storage tank over time will have minerals pass through it, becoming hard and forming deposits within the tank. A glass-lined storage tank is used and these deposits can break the glass causing it to leak. These cracks are not repairable and the system will need to be replaced otherwise the hot water heater will continue to leak and this may lead to a burst. Improper maintenance, dust and sediment forming and other factors can also damage the storage tank leading to it bursting. 

Other Factors

Other factors that can result in the hot water heater bursting are:

  • Excessive pressure – when there is excessive pressure in the hot water system, such as if the water temperature is too high, this can lead to leaks and the system bursting 
  • Improper drainage – if the drainage and pipes are not correctly installed, are damaged or are clogged then this creates pressure on the heater which can cause it to burst
  • Loose fixtures – parts in the hot water heater may become loose leading to water leaking and bursting

What are the Signs that the Hot Water Heater Burst?

The main warning signs to look out for that indicate the hot water heater has burst are:

  • Foul smells – when there is a rotten egg or sulphuric smell coming from the hot water heater then this means sulphur has been realised which means the system might burst
  • Leaking pressure valve – if the pressure valve is malfunctioning or if the pressure of the heater is imbalanced then it may leak.
  • Popping noises – weird or popping sounds coming from the heater often means sediment build up is present and this can lead to the heater bursting
  • Poor installation – when the hot water heater was poorly installed then leaks are more likely to occur while the chance of it bursting are higher
  • Brown water – brown water coming from fixtures indicates there is rust in the system which can be within the hot water heater.

What to do When Your Hot Water Heater Has Burst?

The main steps to take if the hot water heater has burst are:

  1. Turn off the main water supply either to the home or to the hot water heater. This will prevent any more water from bursting and being wasted whole preventing any water damage from occurring. 
  2. Whether your system is gas or electric it is important to turn off the system from their respective points. If the hot water heater is electric then turn off the heater through the switchboard while if it is gas then turn off the gas supply using the gas valve. 
  3. Remove all items that are near the water burst to prevent them from being damaged. It is also important to clean the water as soon as possible to prevent water structural damage and the possibility of mould growing on walls and surfaces.
  4. Contact an emergency plumber as soon as possible for them to resolve the hot water heater burst quickly. A licensed plumber will know exactly what caused the problem then use the best techniques to fix the heater. It is recommended that the system is replaced with a new one as the burst often comes with major repairs which is often more expensive than replacing the system.

Trusted Melbourne Hot Water Heater Repairs

The Local Plumber offers professional hot water heater repair services for Melbourne locals when the hot water heater has burst. Our fully qualified plumbers know how to work with any model of hot water heater and both gas and electric types to repair a burst or leak. We also offer expert blocked drain services to locals where our team will remove any clog from all types of pipes and systems. Trust The Local Plumber Melbourne whenever there is an issue with your hot water heater!

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