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How to Repair an Electric Hot Water Heater: 8 Common Problems

To address various types of issues with electric hot water heaters, there are specific and effective methods for repair. Small tasks can be done to resolve these issues but most times trusting a licensed plumber to repair an electric hot water heater is best. Here at The Local Plumber Melbourne our 24hr emergency plumber team are ready at all hours of the day to perform professional hot water repair services. 

The most common problems that need a plumber to repair the electric water heater are:

  • No hot water
  • Inadequate hot water
  • Water temperature too high
  • Low water pressure
  • Water leaks
  • Brown or smelly water
  • Old age
  • Odd noises

How Do I Repair an Electric Water Heater?

Below is a guide on the common problems of an electric hot water system and how to repair them:

No Hot Water

If there is no hot water coming from the electric water heater then this is often due to an electrical fault with the system. Check to see if the heater’s circuit breaker has tripped and if so safely reset it. The high-temperature limit might be the issue instead which will need to be reset. To do this, turn off the hot water unit breaker, gain access to the high-temperature limit cutoff reset button, reset the button and then safely turn back on the circuit breaker of the heater. 

Inadequate Hot Water

When the hot water system is not making enough hot water this can be because the unit itself is too small and cannot handle the hot water needs of the home. To fix this it is important that the hot water demand is not greater than the capacity of the water heater. The hot water system should have 75% of the capacity for hot water so if the demand is beyond this then the system will struggle. The best way to resolve this is to try and limit the hot water usage time. But if the system is of the correct capacity and is struggling to produce adequate hot water then the unit may be defective and needs to be repaired or replaced. 

Water Temperature Is Too High

If the hot water is too hot then the thermostats might be set too high. To check the thermostat settings, turn off the power to the hot water system and lift up the access panel. Safely check that the thermostats are on the right setting and adjust them if needed. 

Low Pater Pressure

Low water pressure from the electric hot water heater can be from a wide range of plumbing issues. From water supply pipes being damaged or too small, the shutoff valve is partially closed or if the pressure regulator is the wrong size, there are many issues that can result in low water pressure. 

Water Leaks

Water leaks can occur at the water heater tank, valves and plumbing connections and are often caused by loose heating parts or because of the tank corroding or breaking down. It is important for a plumber to come and repair the electric hot water heater and water leak as soon as possible because it damages the hot water system and other plumbing systems as well. 

Brown Or Smelly Water

Rust is what often causes brown water coming from the taps of the home. The rust can be from the pipes but it can also be linked to rust and sediment in the hot water heater. If the water that comes from the tap is smelly then this might be from bacteria growing inside of the water heater. To fix these issues the water heater anode rod should be replaced or if the issue is large then the whole tank or system may need replacing. 

Old Age

Most hot water systems last from 10 to 15 years so if your system is of this age and experiences problems regularly then it might need to be replaced.  Hire a plumber to perform a plumbing inspection for them to carry out tests and determine what is best in terms of the electric hot water heater. The plumber might recommend it is more effective to replace one specific part or might suggest it is more cost effective to replace the whole system. 

Strange Noises

Sediment build up inside of the hot water heater is often the main cause of strange noises coming from the unit. A plumber will be able to flush out the sediment or if the sediment build up is too much then the best option is to replace the hot water heater. 

Expert Plumbers Repairing Electric Hot Water Heaters

The Local Plumber is here to repair the electric hot water heater of any Melbourne home. We offer fully qualified and experienced plumbers to arrive at any time of the day to fix all types of hot water system problems and we strictly abide by the Victorian Bulding Authority’s regulations regarding hot water safety. No matter if it is a small or difficult job, we utilise the best tools and techniques to ensure the hot water unit runs smoothly and safely. Our Blocked Drain services are here as well where our specialised plumbers will effectively clear any drain of any clog. For trusted and on time plumbers to repair the electric hot water heater – rely on The Local Plumber Melbourne today!

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