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Signs Your Sewer Is Blocked & What To Do!


Clogging can lead to costly and seriously damaging consequences if not properly resolved. Various factors contribute to blockages in different drains and no blockage should be taken lightly. By being aware of the common causes of blocked drains, you can mitigate their impact. 

The sewer system is not spared from blockages. With the vital role of this system in keeping wastewater away, clogging increases the chances of health hazards and other harmful effects.. Our talented team of specialised blocked drain plumbers here at The Local Plumber have years of experience in regularly working and unclogging these issues!

Signs of Clogging in the Main Sewer Line?

With sewer systems tucked away from plain eyesight, there are several indicators that may be symptoms of a blocked sewer. The below are the most common signs of a blocked sewer:

  1. Foul odour – With wastewater in this system, it is not surprising that it would produce a foul odour when there’s clogging in the sewer pipes. This odour is present in all drain types and could be a consequence of stuck wastewater due to blockage or break in the sewer line integrity.
  2. Water backup – Several reasons contribute to water backup in any drain. At The Local Plumber, our blocked drain specialists usually conduct an assessment of possible factors behind the clogging. It may range from multiple clogging in the property or a tree root interfering with sewer pipes.
  3. Frequent clogging – For blocked drains that keep happening, there is an underlying reason causing it to occur frequently. Hair blockages, soap scum and gunk are usual factors stuck deep down the drain pipes.
  4. Multiple clogged drains – Multiple clogging is usually an indication of a blocked sewer. Our blocked drain repair team recommends testing the following to confirm if multiple clogging is causing the blockage in the sewer system:
    1. Water backup when flushing the toilet
    2. Water backup when running the washing machine and using the kitchen sink
    3. Bubbles are present in the toilet water when using a sink near it.
    4. All drains in the property are not properly draining.
  5. Slow draining in sinks with or without gurgling sounds – Food scraps, hair and soap scum are usual suspects when clogging hits any sink. But there are instances where inadequate ventilation is to blame. Gurgling sounds and slow draining are common consequences of the lack of ventilation. 
  6. Blocked toilet – Clogging in the toilet is something you will encounter at least once in their lifetime. However, frequently having a blocked toilet could be a sign of a blocked sewer system. Our blocked drain specialists recommend calling us over to check the integrity of the property’s sewer line.
  7. Dirty water pooling in the backyard – With clogging or damage in the sewer system, wastewater can easily escape the system. Calling an expert to handle the cleaning and checking the sewer system is the best thing to do when this happens.
  8. Patches of green grass – The sewer system is abundant with carbon dioxide. If the grass is extra lush or has overgrown, it is a sign of leaking in the sewer pipes.
  9. Insect and rodent infestation – As waste products get stuck or spill due to clogging, it would be normal to see rodents and other pests running around.
  10. Soil settlement – The soil around the property can subside with water leaking from the sewer pipes. If this becomes prominent, it is best to immediately call a blocked drain specialist to prevent it from damaging walls and the home foundation.

Causes of a Blocked Sewer

A blockage in your sewer system will never happen overnight. Factors usually behind this clogging have been working for days and even years. While others could be prevented, some need the expertise of a plumber who has been dealing with blocked sewers for years.

The following are common causes of a blocked sewer system:

  • Tree roots – Sewer pipes located near a tree could suffer from abnormal tree root growth. These roots can enter, break and block sewer pipes leading to slow draining or preventing drains from functioning. Tree root interference increases the chances of sewage backup due to improper drainage. 
  • Multiple clogging – Blocked drains are a product of different factors interfering with normal draining. When multiple factors are present and cause clogging, these objects would drain into the sewer system and cause blockage. Food scraps, toilet paper and paper towels are usual suspects for this clogging. 
  • Damaged sewer pipes – While older homes and commercial buildings usually experience damaged pipes, it is not uncommon for newer properties to experience the same. Collapsed, cracked or damaged sewer pipes cause interruption in normal wastewater flow, thus wastewater backup.

Consequences of Having Unrepaired Clogged Sewer

There are severe side effects in leaving a clogged sewer unrepaired, especially for a long time. Flooding, health hazards, a shorter lifespan for the sewer system and higher repair costs are what greet property owners if they fail to maintain their sewer pipes and the whole system. It could also impact the environment as wastewater could pollute watercourses and you can be fined by your local council for creating pollution.

Melbourne’s Leading Blocked Drain Plumbers

Unclogging the sewer line is more than just using a plunger. Understanding how it happens and which factor is causing the blockage helps in applying the correct solution. Due to the complexity of this problem, working with a professional is a must. Having an expert around ensures correct solutions and a long-lasting fix.

Property owners looking for an expert in handling issues affecting sewer systems need not look far. For over a decade, our Melbourne emergency plumber team has been helping unclog blocked sewers in residential and commercial properties. Each blocked drain specialist in our team holds a licence from the Victorian Building Authority as evidence of their expertise in unclogging drains of all types. Contact The Local Plumber now to experience world-class unclogging and other plumbing services in Melbourne today!

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