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Do I Need A Sump Pump & Pit?


Heavy rainfall is a common occurrence in Melbourne nowadays. For those living in areas experiencing an increased chance of flooding, it is vital to invest in equipment that will protect your property from hazards associated with this disaster. A sump pump is among those that significantly helps when there’s flooding. Working with a professional emergency plumber is a must before investing in this piece of equipment as we will assess the need for such a device and the best location to install it.

Here at The Local Plumber, we have been helping locals across Melbourne with their plumbing concerns for years, including sump pump installation. Our fully qualified Melbourne plumbers have spent years gaining experience and knowledge in a variety of plumbing services. With these skills, we are confident we can deliver the most accurate type of sump pump and address the needs of your property, especially when you face the risks of frequent flooding

What is a Sump Pump and Pit?

Properties with a basement and a sump pit usually suffers from undesired water. This pit collects water from drains and natural groundwater and can create major blocked drain issues. When there’s flooding, unwanted water fills the sump pit or basement and may cause damage to the building. To remove unwanted water, a submersible pump is a solution to this problem. A sump pump automatically, or in some cases manually, turns on when it detects that the basement is full of water. The water drained from the sump pit goes into the storm drain, where it no longer poses a threat to the building. 

Aside from draining unwanted water from the pit, sump pumps also offer a variety other benefits. The following are some advantages brought on by sump pump installation:

  • Compact – A submersible pump does not require additional space to be installed. Being out of the way and sight, it is not exposed to external factors, nor can it be an eyesore to the property’s aesthetics.
  • Safe – Given their location, sump pumps cannot harm anyone.
  • Quieter than other draining options – Submersible pumps are also quieter over other sump pump types. As it is submerged in water, it is difficult to hear the noise it makes when draining unwanted water.
  • Higher efficiency – Sump pumps come with heavier shafts allowing them to handle larger amounts of water stuck in the sump pit or basement. It can withstand the increased stress it faces with its unique design.
  • Low maintenance – These pumps are also low maintenance. It comes with a closed design that keeps it free of contaminants in its moving parts. It also does not suffer from overheating as it is submerged in water when it is turned on.

Different Types of Sump Pumps

Sump pumps also come in different shapes and sizes. Most submersible pumps have a height of approx 0.7m to 1m. As previously mentioned, these pumps come with a closed design to keep out debris. A flat grate covers the bottom prevent debris takeup when pumping out water. 

The pedestal pump is another common sump pump type. This device is ideal for smaller sump pits with no extra space to install the device. Motors of this sump pump are installed above the sump basin. It comes with a vertical float switch that sits down inside the sump pit. Contact one of our local plumbers for more advice on what option will work best for you

Functions of a Sump Pump and Pit

Most homes and businesses depend on an automatic sump pump. These submersible pumps automatically turn on when the sump pit or basement becomes flooded. These devices come with float switches that activate the pump when it reaches a certain level. Using centrifugal pump, its spinner propeller forces the water out of the basement. The water it collects will be drained into a nearby drain. 

Do I Need A Sump Pump Melbourne?

If your home is in a flood zone then yes, it is recommended to install a sump pump. By working with a professional plumber, homeowners and businesses can choose the best sump pump that meets their needs. Aside from living in a flood-prone area, we recommend investing in such a device when in the following situations:

  • The property is in a low-lying area – Water usually gets stuck at the lowest point. If the property is a low-lying area, a sump pump could help resolve issues brought by constantly having unwanted water in the building.
  • A new basement – Homeowners looking to store their valuables in their basement are best to invest in a sump pump. Having such a piece of equipment on this part of the house protects the stuff located downstairs.
  • The area experiences a lot of snow – If heavy rainfall and snow are common in the area, it is best to have a sump pump installed. Natural events like these produce a lot of unwanted water that may get stuck in the basement if not manually drained.
  • There is water in the basement – Noticing water in the basement, even on a dry day, is the best indicator to have a sump pump. It means that there is too much groundwater that is already seeping into the sump pit or basement.

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Flooding can cause a lot of damage to any building’s plumbing appliances and system. At The Local Plumber, we have experts who can help deal with the aftermath caused by this disaster. Each 24 hour plumber on our team has met the requirements set by the Plumbing Regulations Act 2018 and holds a licence from the Victorian Building Authority. This licence is proof of our capabilities as a qualified sump pump plumber to help with common plumbing emergencies and needs in residential and commercial properties. Aside from helping locals with their sump pump concerns, we also specialise in a variety of plumbing services, including hot water system repairs, jet blasting and pipe relining. Contact The Local Plumber now to have Melbourne’s drainage expert on your property today within 60 mins or less!

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