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How To Stop Hot Water System Sounds!


Hot water system sounds happen when there is a hidden issue within the hot water system. Banging, rumbling, popping and other strange noises within the hot water heater system should be addressed. These sounds occur from problems in the system and leaving them unresolved only leads to further damage to the unit. Here at The Local Plumber, our Emergency Plumber team is here to perform repairs when unexpected hot water system sounds happen. 

To stop hot water system sounds:

  • Rumbling – clear out built up sediment and mineral deposits by flushing the system or using descaling solutions
  • Screeching – a plumber should clear the temperature, pressure, inlet, outlet valves and water lines
  • Banging or hammering – a plumber should stop the water hammer problem most times from water pressure imbalances
  • Popping – remove the mineral deposits and sediment using descaling solutions or flushing out the system
  • Sizzling, hissing or crackling – a plumber should repair the leak, clear the sediment build up and find any other issues
  • Ticking – parts of the water system are loose or need repairing by a plumber

What to Do When the Hot Water System Makes Sounds?

There are many different types of hot water system sounds and each one happens from a different reason, read more below:


A rumbling noise coming from the hot water unit is often due to sediment build up inside the tank. Sediment are small mineral deposits and when they build up in the water heater tank this can create many issues. The sediment when the water is heated is pushed to the top and when it moves against the bottom and walls of the tank the rumbling sounds happen. 

A hose can be used to flush the sediment out or a descaling solution can be poured into the tank to break down the sediment. A plumber should be contacted once a year to flush the hot water heater tank to prevent this issue as well. 


High pitched screeches and noises from the hot water system most times are because of the water flow through the valve is restricted heavily. The temperature and pressure relief valve should be inspected first when noticing the screeching. These allow water to leave the tank when the pressure is too much so if the sound is coming from this then a plumber will need to repair the issue. 

When the screeching is not from these then the inlet valve, outlet valve or water lines could be the problem and restrict the water flow. A plumber should inspect the system as a whole to find where the water is being restricted to then carry out the right repairs. 

Banging or hammering

Banging pipes can also be referred to as water hammer where a banging or hammering sound happens when water stops or changes directions suddenly. This causes a pressure surge within the plumbing system, creating the noise and the potential of a burst pipe situation or other water heater issues. Have a plumber inspect what is causing the hammering noises to stop it from happening. 


Popping sounds occur similar to rumbling where sediment or limescale build up is present in the water heater tank. When the water steams and bubbles this can cause the sediment to rise then pop. Using a descaling product can be used to break down the sediment or minerals but also flushing the water tank to remove them is also a good option. Another reason for the popping sound is when the aluminum anode rod is exposed to high levels of alkalinity and a plumber will have to replace it. 

Sizzling, hissing or crackling

Crackling, sizzling or hissing noises are mainly heard with electric hot water heaters. Sediment build up within the base of the tank can cause this noise where flushing the system can help resolve the problem. Since the heating elements are blocked as well the system struggles more and the cost to heat the water increases. Gas hot water systems can still experience sizzling, crackling or hissing sounds by internal condensation dripping onto the burners which is a sign of a leak. Plumbers should be contacted when these sounds occur for both the electric and gas hot water unit


Ticking noises in the hot water system can be from water pressure changes, loose pipe straps and other parts being defected. Most of these issues are able to be easily repaired and the ticking noises will stop. Plumbers should inspect the different sections of the hot water system to determine what is causing the ticking. Once the main issue has been found, repairs or replacements will be completed and the ticking noise should stop. 

If you are experiencing a noisy tap we encourage reading our blog ‘how to fix a noisy tap’ to know how to repair it.

Trusted Hot Water System Plumbing Services

The Local Plumber is the best place to rely on when needing professional plumbers to resolve hot water system sounds and issues. Each fully qualified plumber with us knows how to look for problems that are causing noises to occur. We make sure the whole process is done safely and while completing the task with professional tools and techniques. For all Melbourne locals, including East Melbourne and Inner Melbourne, we also offer trusted Blocked Drain services. When needing reliable and urgent hot water system services and repairs – contact The Local Plumber!

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