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How To Fix A Noisy Tap?


A noisy tap can be due to a number of problems that can be easily fixed. The whining or whistling sound is from a problem within the tap, such as from the aerator or the washer. These can be fixed or replaced by any person but a professional plumber will be able to stop the noisy taps easily. Here at The Local Plumber, our Emergency Plumber team are here for Melbourne locals to repair taps making loud sounds. 

To fix a noisy tap you can either:

  • Replace the aerator 
  • Replace the tap washer
  • Lower the water pressure
  • Unblock the tap drain
  • Replace the tap and pipes

How Do I Repair a Noisy Tap?

Below is a guide on how to repair taps when they are making whistling, screeching or whining noises:


What is it

How to fix

Blocked aerator

An aerator is on the opening of the tap with the small holes and is there to catch mineral deposits before they exit the tap. If this becomes too blocked or is old then the water cannot properly leave the tap and this can make a sound.

To see if the aerator is to blame for the noise then unscrew it and turn on the tap. If the noise does not happen then the aerator needs to be replaced. If a sound still occurs when the aerator has been removed then there is another problem with the tap.

Faulty tap washer

Within the tap is where the tap washer is located and is important to stop water from coming out of the tap when not in use. They are screwed tightly and are important in ensuring leaks do not occur but when they wear or are the wrong size then the tap may make noises.

When the tap washer is the wrong size or it has been damaged then replacing it is the best option. If the noise goes away after the tap washers were replaced then it was successful. If the tap washer was replaced but the sound keeps happening then there is another issue present but maybe not with the tap directly.

High water pressure

If the water pressure is high then this can cause strange sounds to occur when the tap is being used. High water pressure might be because of high supply pressure, temperature changes to faults with the water pressure regulator. 

To fix the high water pressure manually turning it down below 80psi will help. If lowering the water pressure does not stop the noisy tap then there might be a problem further down the drain. 

Blocked tap drain

If there is a blockage with the tap drainage system then this can create the sounds. The water struggles to flow through the drains then out of the tap because of the clogs. 

If a Blocked Drain is the issue with the noisy tap then performing specific methods can help with clearing the clog. For more information about how to clear out a drain read our blog for further details.

Older taps and pipes

Older taps and plumbing are more likely to wear away and express multiple issues. These older and damaged pipes and taps with their issues can lead to different sounds occurring when they are in use. 

If the tap and water pipes are not able to properly keep up with the water demands of the home and struggle to provide a good flow of water while creating noises then a plumber replacing them is the best option.

How to Prevent a Noisy Tap?

The best way to prevent a noisy tap is to have a maintenance plumber perform regular inspections. These plumbers will arrive on a scheduled basis and inspect all the plumbing systems including all the taps. They will look at the tap’s condition, all of its parts and inspect the pipes. These regular inspections ensure that there are no problems with the taps that could lead to noises or repairs and if there are issues they can be dealt with before they become larger problems. 

Reliable Emergency Plumbers Fixing Noisy Taps

The Local Plumber is the best at reliably resolving noisy tap problems for Melbourne locals. Each fully qualified plumber will arrive on time, inspect the taps and make sure the noise stops. We offer our emergency plumber and tap services to all of Melbourne, including South Melbourne and East Melbourne. For trusted plumbing tap services – contact The Local Plumber now!

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