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How To Safely Clean Your Drains?


It is important to clean your drains regularly to prevent major blockages, foul smells and other plumbing problems. There are certain steps and methods to take to ensure the drain is cleaned and can be done at home. It is also encouraged that a licensed plumber performs regular plumbing inspections to professionally clean the plumbing systems of the home. Here at The Local Plumber, our Emergency Plumber team is here to professionally clean your drains. 

To clean your drains you will need to:

  • Remove any clogs using hot water, baking soda and vinegar, plunger or other methods
  • Deal with any foul smells from the drain using baking soda, vinegar and hot water or other methods
  • Ensure that the drain is kept clean by using drain cleaners, keeping grease, food and other items out of the drain and having a plumber perform regular maintenance

How Do I Clean My Drains At Home?

To clean your drains at home follow these steps:

Unblock a Drain

There are many different methods to clear a Blocked Drain and they can all be tested to see what properly removes the clog.

  1. Use a plunger to clear the sink or tub blockage by first filling up the sink or tub with enough water to have the plunger submerged in water. Once the plunger is firmly over the drain opening pump several times to unclog the drain.
  2. Baking soda and vinegar can be used as a natural drain cleaner to combat a blockage. Pour boiling water into the durian first followed up by one cup of baking soda then one cup of vinegar. Allow the mixture to react and then after 10 to 15 minutes pour more hot water down the drain. 
  3. Using a wire coat hanger or other similar tool to grab any clogs that are close to the drain opening, such as hair, can be done.
  4. A chemical drain cleaner can be purchased to clear a blockage inside a drain. Make sure to read the instructions but also know that there are negatives to using chemical drain cleaners. 
  5. A plumber’s snake or an auger are tools that can be used to cut through clogs within a durian. They are carefully fed through a drain then when at the point of the blockage will break the clog and clear up the system. 

For more step-by-step instructions on how to unblock a drain, our blog is the best place for easy to follow advice. 

Remove Bad Smells

Another way to clean your drains is to deal with and remove the bad smells using these methods.

  1. Use vinegar, baking soda and hot water as a way to remove the foul smells coming from the drain. The solution helps to break down and remove bacteria and blockages that cause the bad smells to form. Vinegar followed by baking soda should be left in the drain for 15 minutes and then flushed with hot water to help with this problem. 
  2. Drain cleaners can be purchased and poured into the drain that are targeted at removing dirt, bacteria and grime that create foul smells. Follow the instructions on the drain cleaner and see if the foul odours go away.
  3. If there is a garbage disposal system installed in the kitchen sink then this may be what is causing the bad odour. Use ice to fill the disposal, followed by a handful of salt and some lemon peels to be grinded in the disposal and remove the smell.

For further information on how to clean a smelly drain, our blog article is here with all the needed steps and methods. 

Prevent Future Problems

It is important to also perform preventative tasks to limit the chance of bad smells or blockages from occurring. The best ways to clean your drain and prevent problems from occurring in the future are described below.

  1. Install a drain screen to prevent large items, such as food and hair, from entering and potentially blocking the drain. Only water and small particles will be able to pass through the drain screen and are best for sinks, showers and bathtubs.
  2. Ensure that cooking oil and grease are not poured into the drain as these can cause major blockages to occur. Reuse as much of them as possible and then collect the cooking oil and grease and dispose of it properly.
  3. Perform regular inspections on the drains for signs of visible blockages or hidden signs that a clog is present. Also carry out general drain cleaning tasks, such as the natural methods, to have the drain cleaned out and blogs and smells can be prevented.

Hire a plumber to perform regular maintenance on the drains so they prevent major blockages and problems. Maintenance plumbers know exactly what to look out for to ensure that drain issues are prevented.

Expert Drain Cleaners for Melbourne

The Local Plumber is the best place to contact when needing a fully qualified plumber to clean your drains. Our team are experts at efficiently cleaning any drain and also performing preventative methods. We are also here to deal with any smelly drains, blockages and other problems relating to the drains or other plumbing systems. Providing our emergency plumber and drain cleaning services to all of Melbourne – The Local Plumber is the most reliable place to contact!

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