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How To Clean A Smelly Drain?


A smelly drain is never wanted but there are many ways to clean the drain and also prevent the smell from happening. These methods are simple and can be done at home to ensure the smell from the drain is resolved. If the smell does not go away then a plumber will be able to efficiently and quickly resolve the problem. Here at The Local Plumber, our Emergency Plumber team are ready at all times to clean out a smelly drain and provide other plumbing services. 

Some methods to follow to clean a smelly drain are:

  • Using hot water and vinegar to clean the drain
  • Using a plunger to remove the clog
  • Combine baking soda with vinegar for a more powerful drain blockage remover
  • Use an auger or plumber’s snake 
  • Directly clean the p-trap
  • Contact a licensed plumber to perform a durian cleaning service

What Causes a Smelly Drain?

The main reasons that can cause a smelly drain to develop are:

A Blocked Drain is a common reason why the drains are smelling because of the trapped food, oil, gunk, dirt, hair, soap and more. A clog can attract bacteria and also due to the nature of the blockage a foul smell forms. To read about the common causes and signs of blocked drains our blog is the best place to learn!

Mould growing inside drains can easily create bad smells. Mould is attracted to areas with high moisture which is common in drains. The mould releases small gas puffs that will smell and cause the overall drain to smell. 

The p-trap is needed to capture water in a drain and ensure smells do not come back into the home. If the p-trap is dry or empty with no water then the smells of the drain can come back into the home. 

The vent pipes are also needed to prevent smells from entering the home as they remove back-flowing sewer smells and push them out of the rooftop. If the vent pipes become blocked then the water can pool in the sink or smells cannot leave the home and both can create a foul odour. 

A chemical reaction in plumbing systems and water can create foul smells. Also, structural problems, including water leaks, can lead to other issues forming and smells developing. 

Tree roots can enter pipes in the ground and create major plumbing problems and blockages. For signs of tree roots in drains and how to fix it then our blog is here to provide useful information. 

How Do I Stop a Smelly Drain?

There are many different types of methods that can help clean a smelly drain. Finding what drain is the place where the smell is is the first step. Choosing the type of method to clear the drain and ensure the smell goes away is important. Different methods can be tested to see if they work to clean a smelly drain. Here are the methods to resolve smells coming from drains:

Baking Soda and Vinegar

Run hot water down the drain and then pour one cup of baking soda followed by one cup of vinegar into the drain. Cover the opening of the drain and allow the solution to work for 5-10 minutes. Once the time has passed run water down the durian to see if the solution worked. To know more about baking soda and vinegar as natural methods to unblock a drain our blog is here to help!

Vinegar and Hot Water

Vinegar can be used with only hot water if wanted, using half a cup of vinegar after pouring hot water into the drain. After a few minutes follow with cold water into the drain to have the blockage harden. Pour the remaining half a cup of vinegar and hot water into the drain to clear out the clog and smell. 


A plunger can be used to remove a clog but it is important to use the right plunger for the drain. A toilet will need a different plunger compared to a sink. Place the plunger over the drain opening, fill the area with water until the plunger is submerged then plunge until the clog is dealt with. 

Auger or Plumber’s Snake

These tools are inserted into the drain, grab and break the clog to then clear the insides. Carefully insert the tool into the durian, turn the handle and clean the tool when finished.

Contact a Reliable Emergency Plumer to Resolve a Smelly Drain

The Local Plumber is here with fully qualified plumbers to help Melbourne locals with smelly drain issues. Our team will find the exact cause of the smell and ensure that the right technique removes the problem. We operate fast and effectively to clear the drain and make sure the smell is gone completely. Operating in all of Melbourne in clearing smell drain problems – trust The Local Plumber today! You can also see our profile on Tools4noobs Free Web Directory

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