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What Does A Maintenance Plumber Do?


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What is a Maintenance Plumber?

The main role of a maintenance plumber is to work in a specific place and perform maintenance tasks. This includes installations, repairs and maintenance on plumbing systems, pipelines and other plumbing equipment of the building or area. The job is an option from being a regular plumber where instead they are hired to perform scheduled maintenance. Maintenance plumbers still undergo the normal training to become a plumber, including completing an apprenticeship and the CPC32413 – Certificate III in Plumbing, but perform additional studies for the job title. 


What are the Jobs of a Maintenance Plumber?

The main jobs of a maintenance plumber are:

  • Installing, maintaining and repairing water, gas, sewer and air pipes 
  • Ensuring all fittings and fixtures are of correct standards and approved codes
  • Maintaining and installing any low pressure vessels
  • Performing tasks on pipes, including copper and steel, such as welding, threading or cutting
  • Inspecting for any sewer, gas or water leaks, problems or malfunctions
  • Repair or replace any broken, damaged or old pipes, fixtures, valves, traps and fittings
  • Carry out tests on pipe and plumbing systems to determine if they need any upgrades or further work done on them
  • Plan and if needed modify plumbing systems to be up to standard to any new construction, renovation or alteration
  • Estimate the costs and expenses of different plumbing tasks, such as a repair that needs to be done
  • Read and interpret any blue prints about the plumbing systems
  • Create any sketch or diagrams about planned or proposed plumbing projects and installations
  • Keep records of all the plumbing jobs and prepare any reports that need to be done
  • Carry out water samples of the plumbing systems to perform chemical tests and if needed treat the water supply systems
  • Perform any repairs and maintenance work on the plumbing system items, such as pumps and valves
  • Supervise any jobs that involve other plumbers working on a project


What is Required to be a Maintenance Plumber?

A maintenance plumber would have to be trained and complete the needed courses to become a licensed plumber. On top of this, having experience in the industrial or commercial plumbing industry will be important. Plumbers that want to specialise in maintenance work will also have to have specific skills and abilities:

  • Knowledge in plumbing installations, repairs and maintenance on a wide range of plumbing and piping networks
  • Know how to trace and identify potential or existing plumbing problems, such as leak detection work, and understand how to restore these systems to operating standards
  • Understand the correct method to plan and change any plumbing systems
  • The ability to correctly read, work and interpret blueprints, plans and plumbing specifications
  • Estimate all the material costs of any piping or plumbing systems and all types of jobs
  • Maintain all the needed records, plans and prepare reports
  • Supervise plumbers and workers reliable when they are hired to assist
  • Have the strength to carry heavier items and the dexterity to perform manual work reliable
  • Understand the different colours with electrical wires and all colour-coded valves
  • Know how to differentiate sounds in the building, such as water leaks from motor problems

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The Local Plumber is here with 24 hour emergency plumbers to perform maintenance and a wide range of plumbing services. Our experienced plumbers know how to perform any plumbing job and will ensure that it is completed swiftly and safely. When performing inspections and maintenance work we operate carefully at all times. Our maintenance and other plumbing services, such as Blocked Drain work, is here for all of Melbourne, including West Melbourne and East Melbourne. For reliable plumbing maintenance services – contact The Local Plumber today!

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