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How To Fix Your Shower Leaking?


When the shower is leaking then there can be many different reasons and then various ways to fix these. From the showerhead to the drain, leaks within the shower should be repaired fast. There are a few tasks that any person can complete to stop the shower leak but most times a plumber will be the best way to resolve the issue. Here at The Local Plumber, our Emergency Plumber team is here when the shower is leaking and needs urgent repairs. 

What to do when the shower is leaking is to:

  • Find the source of the shower leak
  • See if simple repairs can be done, such as siliconing areas or unblocking the showerhead
  • Contact a plumber to properly repair the leak

Why is the Shower Leaking?

Below is a guide to follow when the shower is leaking:

Leaking area

Common causes for the leak

What to do

Shower tub or pan

  • Poorly installed or worked on
  • Waterproofing was done incorrectly
  • There is a blockage or obstruction
  • The rubbers or silicone seal has worn
  • Old age
  • Wear and tear or from excessive use

If water leaks from the shower tub or pan then this means that water escapes out of it. Cracks, damages, poor installations and worn seals are some causes for this leaking issue. 

Shower drain

  • Cracks, wear or damages around the drain
  • Failed waterproofing job
  • The silicone around it has been damaged
  • There is a blockage in the drain

If the water does not easily go down the shower drain then this can lead to water being present. There might be holes present leading the water to leak, a Blocked Drain preventing water to easily flow through and more. 

Shower screen or door

  • The seals have been damaged
  • The silicone has worn or been perished
  • There are cracks, caps or damages in the glass
  • The door has been poorly installed

When the leak is outside of the shower then it is good to inspect the shower screens and doors. Look for any mould, missing areas or cracks on the doors or seals to determine if they are causing water to leak to the outside. 

Cracked grout, tiles or perimeter joints

  • Being damaged resulting in the cracks
  • The waterproofing has failed
  • They are older in age
  • General wear and tear

Look at all the joints, grout, silicone and other perimeter joints of the shower and try to find damages. If there are cracks or pieces missing then the leak might be from this.

Dripping taps or showerheads

  • Tap washer needs replacing
  • Seals are worn or cracked
  • Wear and tear or from being older and parts not working properly

If the showerhead or tap is leaking then most times it is easy to identify. You will be able to see the water leak out of the tap or showerhead or at times from the bottom. The parts may have worn away or the system is blocked and they will need to be repaired to stop the leak. 

Shower pipes

  • Burst pipe or leaking pipe
  • Wear and tear or from a blockage

Shower pipe leaks might not appear in the shower area but be leaking to other parts of the home. Damaged pipes and blockages are the most common causes for the shower pipes to leak and they should be inspected by a plumber fast. 

What do I do When the Shower is Leaking?

  1. Find the source of the leak as this will inform what repairs are needed to stop the leak. This could mean replacing broken or worn parts, silicon areas, sealing areas, resolving a blockage and more.
  2. It is highly recommended to contact a professional plumber to resolve shower leaks. This is because they are trained in knowing how to quickly find the cause of the leaking shower. When knowing this the plumber will perform the exact tasks needed to stop the particular kind of leak. 

It is important to contact a plumber as soon as possible to resolve the shower leaking issue before other problems develop, to know more read ‘7 reasons why you should fix water leaks fast’.

Expert Shower Leak Repairs Melbourne

The Local Plumber is here with fully qualified plumbers to help when the shower is leaking. We find the source of the leak and repair the shower using the right techniques to stop the leak correctly. Our plumbers work swiftly and safely during the shower leaking repair and are here for all of Melbourne, including Inner Melbourne and South Melbourne. For shower leaking repair services always rely on The Local Plumber!

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