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7 Reasons Why You Should Fix Water Leaks Fast

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Water leaks can happen at any time. This may just be a simple problem at first but if you disregard any leaking faucet, pipe, or valve in your plumbing system, the consequences can be devastating. It is better to act immediately than to have water leaks linger more than they should be.

Water is a valuable resource. It is irreplaceable and we don’t get that clean, refreshing water supply for free. Take Sydney for example. Do you know that we consume more than 125 million megalitres of water per day? The shocking part is 7.5% of that water just goes to waste because of leaks.

In addition, the problems to be discussed here are not just about the amount of water wasted but also the undesirable effects of leaks to your home and to your family’s health. You’ll learn how those small leaking pipes can have similar effects as that of a huge flood.

Here are 10 reasons why you should fix water leaks fast:

1. Waste of Money

Leaks can have a huge impact on your finances if you don’t do something to fix them. You’ll be paying for wasted water every month. Your water meter won’t stop piling up your water usage on a 24-hour basis. If you act fast by fixing the leaks yourself or calling a reliable emergency plumber near you, your water bill expenses should drop significantly.

2. Water Damage

Did you know that water is one of the major causes of property damage? The walls, floors, and even the furniture can be irreparable if exposed to water. Remember that water will always find a way through the slits and cracks. If it gets in contact with electrical wirings or foundations, the more danger it brings.

3. Fixture and Structural Damage

Gravity plays a big part in pulling the leaking water downwards. As water seeps into the cracks of your walls and floors, it can loosen the ground as well as the integrity of the structures. This effect can lead to uneven floors and tiles. Staining and discolouration of your walls are also common and signs that you have hidden water leaks.

4. Mould and Mildew Infestation

Fungi infestations like mould and its specific type, mildew typically infest properties that have moist, wet, and damp areas. Do you see the common denominator here? Moulds love to grow where there is water available. Those water leaks are a great source for them to spread all over the place.

This places your property and family at risk as some fungi like black mould can be deadly. Other types of moulds can also eat their way through your carpets and structures that are made from wood.

You can avoid all these by acting on your water leaks as fast as possible.

5. Health Risks

The biggest risks that water leaks bring are health issues to the people living on the property. Fungal growth can lead to serious if not fatal health problems. Bacterial contamination from broken sanitary pipes can easily spread diseases. Leaks coming from old rusty pipes can lead to toxicity or metal poisoning. Never underestimate the leaking pipes. Act on it before the situation goes out of control.

6. Water Contamination

Your drinking water can be contaminated if your pipes get busted. The change in pressure can allow contaminants to get into the leaking pipes as the water gets out. Just think of the bacteria, fungi, and viruses that can enter and mix up with your drinking water. The consequences can be severe.

7. Fire and Electrical Hazards

Ironically, water leaks can be a cause of fire incidents. This can happen in situations where the leaking water reaches the electrical wirings and leads to short circuits. The damage from fire and electrical accidents can cost you a lot. It’s better to eliminate the catalyst (water leaks) before the situation gets worse.

Key Takeaway

The key takeaway of this article is you shouldn’t take water leaks for granted. This seemingly harmless situation can lead to a lot of serious irreparable damage and injuries both to your property and the people living within.

Don’t expect those leaks to vanish on their own. You need to have them fixed fast. The earlier you act on the situation, the better the outcome will be.

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