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How Does A Hot Water Pressure Limiter Work?


hot water pressure limiter is a device that helps keep the water pressure flowing to the home consistent. It works by restricting the water flow to keep the water pressure lower and opening open to help keep the water pressure higher. These are best suited for people who experience often irregular patterns of water pressure. Here at The Local Plumber our Emergency Plumber team are here to perform hot water pressure limiter services for Melbourne locals. 

To help keep the water pressure of the home balanced a hot water pressure limiter is used. This device will restrict or open to help keep the water pressure from being too high or too low. They are installed past the main shutoff valve and a plumber will need to perform services on it.

What is a Hot Water Pressure Limiter?

A hot water pressure limiter, sometimes called a pressure reducing valve or water pressure regulator, is a type of plumbing valve that lowers the water pressure of a building. The water entering through the water main is reduced to a safe level before it flows to the plumbing fixtures of the home. When there is too much water pressure this can lead to major plumbing problems which is why the water pressure regulator is good for keeping the pressure under control. The water pressure limiter might not need to be installed for every person but it will help with places where the water pressure comes to the home high or if the water pressure experiences imbalances regularly. 

Plumbing fixtures for the home are designed to operate with a pressure of around 50psi but water supply systems might enter the home with water pressure being 150psi to 200psi. This means that if this happens regularly it will strain the pipes and joints, damage the appliances and fixtures and create leaks. Built in pressure limiters are present in some appliances, such as dishwashers and washing machines, but the added hot water pressure limiter will allow additional protection to those appliances and also the overall plumbing system.

How Does A Hot Water Pressure Limiter Operate?

The hot water pressure limiter is found on the main shutoff valve and has a dome-shaped brass fitting. It has an adjustment screw on the top and on the inside there is a spring-loaded diaphragm that will automatically narrow or widen spending on the water pressure that goes through the valve. If the water pressure is high then the regulator will constrict its shape to restrict the water flow and lower the pressure to 50psi to 80psi. This means that the stress on the pipes and the water fixtures in the home will be less.

If the water pressure is low then the limiter will open to allow more water to pass through the valve. The adjustment screw on the top can be tightened which allows the tension to increase or loosened to ease the tension meaning a person can manually adjust the water pressure if needed. Due to how the hot water pressure limiter works the stress on the valves, joints, pipes and fixtures of the home is much less since the water pressure is even.

Do I Need a Hot Water Pressure Limiter?

Testing the water pressure at the main water supply is a good way to know if the water pressure regulator is needed. A pressure gauge can be purchased from a hardware store and can read the water pressure of the main valve. The gauge should be screwed onto a washing machine or the washing machine faucet while turning on the cold water. This will measure the water pressure and if it is between 40psi to 60psi then there is no issue, but if the water pressure goes above 80psi frequently then the limiter may be needed. 

Contacting the local water company can also help as they can determine if your property needs a water pressure limiter or not. If you notice that the water pressure is random and not consistent when using the fixtures and appliances around the home then the regulator might also be considered.

Hot Water Pressure Limiter Installation and Maintenance Guide

Here are some tips and recommendations when it comes to hot water pressure limiter installations and maintenance:

Hot Water Pressure Limiter Installation

The water pressure regulator is installed past the main shutoff valve of the home. This means that the regulator will work to limit the pressure or increase the pressure before the water enters the pipes and fixtures of the property. This also makes it easier when needing to replace the water pressure limiter as the water to the property can be shut off during the job. When there is an existing limiter it is easier to replace it with a new one. If a regulator has not been installed yet then a plumber will need to be hired to perform the job. Always rely on a plumber to perform work with plumbing systems, especially with the water pressure limiter, to ensure it functions perfectly.

Hot Water Pressure Limiter Maintenance

Water pressure limiters should be inspected by a plumber to see if it needs repairs or replacing. When they become old, if there is water hammering or the water pressure is inconsistent are signs that the regulator needs to be replaced or repaired. It is best to have a plumber look at the issue and determine whether the limiter is causing these problems or if it is from something else. 

Trusted Water Pressure Plumbing Services

The Local Plumber is here to work on hot water pressure limiters and help with water pressure issues across all of Melbourne. We offer fully qualified and experienced plumbers to install, repair and maintain the water pressure regulators on any property. From South Melbourne to West Melbourne, we are here to perform any needed work with water pressure limiters. Our Blocked Drain services are here as well where our specialised plumbers will professionally handle any blockage with ease. For trusted hot water pressure limiter services – contact The Local Plumber!

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