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Why Is My Water Pressure So Low? – How To Fix It


There are many reasons that explain why the water pressure is low. From issues with the hot water system or the pipelines, a plumber will inspect what the problem is then resolve the water pressure defect. Here at The Local Plumber, we offer trusted Emergency Plumber workers to help resolve low water pressure issues for all of Melbourne. 

The common problems that make the water pressure low are:

  • Debris and sediment in the plumbing and hot water system
  • Taps and showerheads being blocked
  • Water leaks
  • Filter needing to be replaced or cleaned
  • Tempering valve needs replacing
  • Pipes are blocked or broken
  • Installation of pipelines was poorly done
  • Hot water system defects

Why is the Water Pressure Low and How Do I Fix the Issues?

The main reasons why the water pressure is low are:

Checking to see if the hot and cold water pressure is the same will help decide if there are problems with the hot water system. If only the hot water has lower pressure then the reason can be linked back to the hot water system having sediment and debris build up. Sediment builds up in the hot water tank as it ages and begins to corrode. This is how it can block the system and lower the water pressure. The best way to fix this issue is for a plumber to flush out the hot water system of the debris and sediment.

Installing a garbage disposal system in the sink to put food waste in can be an option. Ensuring that liquid soap is used in moderation and over solid soap will help as well. Disposing of food and oil correctly, such as food in the bin or in the sink, is always recommended.

When the low water pressure is only occurring with one outlet while all other plumbing systems have normal water pressure. If the shower has lower water pressure then this can be due to a blocked showerhead. Cleaning out the showerhead of the blockage will help resolve the water pressure issues. When the taps are only being affected by the low water pressure then it can be due to them being worn out. Changing the tap washer or performing a whole tap replacement is advised to resolve the problem.

Make sure only human waste and toilet paper are flushed down the toilet and that wipes and other materials are placed into the bin instead.

Water leaks can cause the water pressure to be affected and to find if a leak is causing the issue the method is simple. Look at the water meter to see if the numbers are spinning while no water is being used. If the leak is connected to the hot water system then the tank could be leaking and be the reason why the water pressure is not as it should be.

For hot water systems that have a filter on the outlet and inlet these can over time have sediment build up on them. When the sediment builds up this can block the filter and cause the water pressure to be impacted. Replacing or cleaning the filter of the hot water system inlet or outlet points will help resolve the problem.

The tempering valve of the hot water system is what will make sure the temperature is not extremely hot and burn people. If there are issues with the hot water tempering valve then it can lead to a wide range of problems including water pressure issues. Replacing the tempering valve is often the recommended method due to it being the most cost effective measure.

A Blocked Drain, cracks and other pipe problems can create issues with how the water flows which can lead to water pressure disruption. There are many ways a person can unblock their sink, such as natural methods, but a plumber with experience will be able to resolve the clog more efficiently. After the blockage or other pipe issue has been addressed then the water pressure should be back to normal.

If a plumber has incorrectly installed plumbing systems or pipes then this can be why the water pressure is low. Having too many bends in the pipeline or installing the wrong sized pipes are some of the ways low water pressure can occur. A plumber should inspect the pipes to determine whether or not a poorly completed pipe installation is causing the low water pressure.

Issues with the hot water system in general or if it is old can influence the water pressure. When the water pressure is low a plumber should inspect the water system to see if it is making the water pressure to be lower than it should. Deciding on if a repair or replacement is beneficial will occur and the low water pressure problems will be resolved.

Reliable Emergency Plumbers Performing Water Pressure Repairs

The Local Plumber is here with trusted emergency plumbers to help when the water pressure is low. Our fully qualified plumbers know the best techniques to find what is causing the low water pressure then utilise the most effective method to resolve the issue. We offer our water pressure repairs and all other plumbing services to all of Melbourne, including North Melbourne and West Melbourne. For the most reliable water pressure repair services – contact The Local Plumber any time!

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