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Collapsed Sewer Pipe – What Was The Cause & How To Fix?

Collapsed Sewer Pipe - What Was The Cause & How To Fix_

A collapsed sewer pipe is a plumbing issue that causes numerous problems and dilemmas. When the sewer pipe breaks, often from the pipe being misaligned or blocked, it causes the sewer line to be out of use. This brings health risks and expensive repairs which is why the sewer line collapsing is never wanted. Here at The Local Plumber Melbourne, our Emergency Plumber team are here to help with sewer line repairs for all Melbourne locals.

The main causes for a collapsed sewer pipe are the ground moving, the pipes being installed incorrectly, external forces impacting the position of them, the age of the pipe and tree root infestation. The best way to fix this problem is to hire a licensed plumber to inspect the issue and replace the damaged section or the whole line.

What are the Main Causes of a Collapsed Sewer Line?

The main issues that can cause the sewer line to collapse are:

Ground Movement

The ground will naturally move and this can sometimes result in the sewer line and pipes collapsing. If the sewer line is older, weaker or not in the best condition and the ground moves then they might move, become unaligned and break. If the sewer lines are also not secured together correctly water can leak from them and this can cause the ground to move and then the sewer pipes to collapse. 

Misaligned or Poorly Installed Pipes

When the sewer lines are installed if they are incorrectly installed, placed or connected then this means problems can arise. Wastewater can easily leak from the sewer lines which can lead to the soil or ground eroding. This means that the soil is not as strong as it should, causing the pipes to be misaligned. Due to the soil not supporting the pipes and if this issue occurs without any repairs the sewer line will more likely collapse from this.

External Forces

At times unexpected external forces can damage the sewer lines causing them to collapse. This often occurs when renovating, landscaping or any projects that occur near or on the property. If work is done near the lines without knowing they are there then there is a chance the sewer lines might be accidentally damaged or negatively impacted. Make sure that when performing work near the sewer lines that people are cautious that they are there to prevent them from collapsing.

Pipe Age

The older the sewer pipe means the more likely that it will collapse compared to newer pipes. Properties that are older will likely have older pipes if it is not known that they have been replaced with newer ones. Older pipes will more likely have cracks, holes, rust and other issues which can easily lead to them collapsing. Knowing the age and also what type of sewer pipes are present in the property is important to know if they are more likely to collapse or not. 

Tree Roots

Tree roots entering drains is a major problem that can result in many issues including sewer line collapses. When the tree root enters the pipe it crests blockages, cracks, water leaks and many more problems leading to the sewer line breaking. It is important to look for the signs of tree roots blocking drains to prevent major plumbing concerns including the sewer line from collapsing. 

Why are Collapsed Sewer Pipes Bad?

A collapsed sewer line brings many negative situations and outcomes that people do not want to deal with. A major one is the health risks included when the sewer pipe collapses due to the sewerage not leaving the property correctly. Mould, mildew and bacteria can enter the yard and if the chance of a sewer backup occurs this can also be a health risk for people. Sewer lines that collapse also mean that the sewage and wastewater system of the home will not be working correctly. Repairs are also needed when the sewer line collapses and if the issue is large and other problems arise the overall cost increases.

How are Collapsed Sewer Lines Fixed?

The main way to repair a collapsed sewer pipe is to replace the part that is damaged or replace the whole sewer line. This is the most effective way to resolve the issue as the sewer pipe is already broken. Replacing the whole sewer line might be beneficial as well if a large proportion of the system collapsed or became damaged or are likely to also collapse in the future.

How Can I Prevent My Sewer Line From Collapsing?

The best ways to prevent the sewer line from collapsing are:

  • Have CCTV drain inspections annually for a plumber to check the condition of the pipes and see if there are potential or current problems
  • Ensuring that a Blocked Drain does not occur, such as from tree roots or having items not flushed down the system when they should not be

Hire a plumber to perform regular maintenance on the sewer lines, including cleaning through hydro jet blasting and performing tasks to prevent the issue from happening

Expert Melbourne Plumbers and Sewer Line Services

The Local Plumber Melbourne offers fully qualified plumbers to help with a collapsed sewer pipe problem. We are experienced in the plumbing trade and will know how to effectively and professionally repair collapsed sewer lines. We look for the source of the problem and then use the best techniques to repair sewer lines. Our team is here for all of Melbourne, with collapsed pipes and sewer lines. Whenever you need help with a collapsed sewer pipe – always rely on The Local Plumber!

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