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Are Flushable Wipes Actually Flushable?


Toilets in all households are commonly affected by blocked drains more often than not. The reasons causing these blockages can vary from wear and tear of damaged components to non disposable objects such as toys, hygiene products and wipes being flushed repeatedly which eventually causes clogging. The good news is that there are several preventive measures available to prevent these blockages.

Toilet paper is the only thing that should be flushed down your toilet. Despite the marketing efforts of “disposable wipe” companies, we still strongly caution you to not flush them down toilets as they do cause blockages which can damage your toilet and entire plumbing system. 

When homeowners and businesses need an expert, our blocked drain plumbers at The Local Plumber are always available to help. Our passionate 24hr emergency plumber team have spent years applying the best methods and technology in unclogging toilets and drains of all types for our fellow Melbourne residents.

Should I Flush my Wipes Down the Drain?

No. Wipes do not dissolve in water in mere seconds. Flushing several wipes down can cause immediate clogging. This recommendation also applies to wipes advertised as safe to go down the drain. Having this label does not automatically make a product “flushable.” With the lack of regulation as to which product is “flushable,” several companies claim that their products are such. A recent study found that zero out of the 101 wet wipes tested is considered safe to be flushed down the drain. Due to the insoluble nature of wet wipes, our blocked drain specialists do not recommend flushing them down your drain at any time!

Will Flushable Wipes Clog Your Toilet?

Yes. Wipes alone can cause serious clogging. It could also create further problems when paired with grease and other toiletry items.  Known as “fatberg,” wipes that combine with grease form a huge mass that causes clogging if not removed right away. A “fatberg” can also be formed with grease, tampons and other hygiene products. Depending on its size, it could take a blocked drain repair team days to recover “fatberg” and send it to the nearest landfill. In New York City, its environmental protection department reported that “fatbergs” compose 90% of clogging reported in the city, with over 2,000 “fatbergs’ ‘ cleaned in 2018. Our blocked drain specialists do not recommend flushing down toilet wipes down the drain, even if the label claims that it is “flushable.”

What Are Side Effects of Flushing Wipes Down Toilets?

Flushing wipes does not only cause the so-called “fatberg.” It could also contribute to other issues that could impact the function of your toilet and whole plumbing system. The following are some other consequences of flushing wet wipes:

  • Wall of wipes – This consequence is more frequent in homes with an ageing plumbing system. Most of these plumbing systems are made out of clay, concrete or iron pipes. These materials are susceptible to tree root intrusion. Tree roots trap wet wipes and other objects down the drain pipes. The accumulation of these things blocks the pathway of wastewater and causes clogging.
  • Sewer system damage – Some cases exist where wipes can reach the sewer system and cause issues. Wet wipes can cause clogging in the septic tank. This blockage results in sewer backup, which could spill over the entire property, including sinks, bathtubs and other openings.  

What Should Not Be Flushed Down Drains?

Wipes are not only the product that should not be flushed down the toilet. Several products can also cause significant blocking in any drain type. The following objects should NEVER be flushed down your the toilet’s drain:

  • Nappies and other hygiene/ sanitary products – Hygiene products should go to trash bin, not the toilet drain. This advice not only applies to nappies, tampons, wet wipes and sanitary products but also razors and syringes.
  • Chemicals – Cleaning products can cause clogging. Yes, toilet cleaning products, if not used properly, can clog the toilet drain. Paint and other chemicals must also be kept away from any drain to prevent clogging.
  • Food scraps – Food scraps are best “flushed” in the kitchen drain. The toilet does not have special equipment that helps break down food scraps. The same goes for those thinking of flushing coffee grounds and tea leaves down the toilet drain.
  • Cotton buds -Like wet wipes, cotton buds do not disintegrate in water in minutes. If stuck down the toilet drain, it could cause clogging in seconds and possibly leave damaging consequences and costly repairs.
  • GreaseProper disposal of grease is a must in every property. Given that it is not advisable to drain cooking oil and other greases in the kitchen sink, it is also not advisable to do so in the toilet.
  • Newspapers and plastics – These two are recyclable items. It is best to bring them to the nearest recycling facility rather than flushing them down the toilet drain.
  • Unused or expired medicines – Several organisations offer ways of properly disposing of unused or expired drugs. The pharmacy is one place where it is best to bring this kind of medicine.

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