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Why Do I Have Clogged Pipes & How To Clear?

Why Do I Have Clogged Pipes & How To Clear

There are many reasons why you have clogged pipes but there are ways to fix and prevent these. Blockages can happen in all types of drains and it is important to know how to clear them if they come up. Here at The Local Plumber Melbourne, our Blocked Drain specialists are here to deal with all types of clogged pipes professionally.

The main reasons for clogged pipes are:

  • Hair 
  • Soap
  • Dirt
  • Cooking Oil, Fat and Grease
  • Food 
  • Wipes
  • Leaves and Debris
  • Tree Roots

How Do I Have Clogged Pipes and What To Do?

Regardless of your blockage, a plumber will generally carry out a CCTV drain inspection before then implementing the most effective solution for unblocking your drain. Below is a guide on why you might have clogged pipes and also ways to resolve and prevent the issue from happening:

Clogged Drain TypeHow it Blocks DrainHow to RepairHow to Prevent
Hair blockagesHair can easily clog up bathroom and shower drains where they create knots, combine with soap and scum and attach to parts of the drain.Often plunging the drain or pulling the hair manually out of the drain by hand or using a tool will help. A natural mix of baking soda and vinegar can also be used to remove the hair from the drain.Install a hair strainer drain guard, try to limit the amount of hair that goes down the drain and regularly clean the drain.
SoapSoap scum or residue will accumulate over time in the bathroom, laundry and shower drains. When they accumulate and combine with other blockages this will decrease the diameter of the pipe causing it to be blocked, slow drain and backup. Jet blasting or using natural blocked drain removal methods are great ways of handling soap scum.Switch to soap-free products when possible, such as liquid soap over bar soap, and clean the drain regularly. 
Dirt When dirt is washed down the drains it can accumulate easily and cause a clog.Drain cleaners are a good way of removing the dirt and at times an auger might need to be used.If there is a lot of dirt on your hands, body or an object shake or rinse it outside and not all of it within the inside drains. 
Cooking oil, fat and greaseCooking oil, as well as fat and grease, can easily clog up the kitchen sink because they solidify inside the drainsMixing detergent and hot water or using the baking soda and vinegar method are good ways to eliminate cooking oil, fat and grease from the drain. If this does not work a commercial cleaner or a plumber might be needed.Ensure to throw the cooking oil, fat and grease into compost or thrown out properly instead of all of it in the drain.
FoodWhen food waste is poured into the kitchen sink it can become stuck, can combine with each other and create blockages.Drain cleaners and an auger are the best ways to remove food waste from the kitchen sink.Try to prevent any food from entering the drain and instead throwing into the garbage or compost. 
Wipes The toilet can easily be blocked when wipes, as well as similar products, are flushed down the toilet. An auger or plunger will have to be used to remove the wipes and other products from the toilet drain.Only flush toilet paper down the toilet and place wipes into the garbage bin.
Leaves and DebrisLeaves, plants, sticks and other debris can become caught inside outdoor drainage leading to blockages.Removing the debris by hand if reachable can happen or a plumber will have to clean out the drainsEnsure the drain openings are tidy and have effective grills to prevent leaves and debris from entering them. 
Tree rootsWhen tree roots enter drains this can easily block up the pipes and also can create other plumbing problemsA plumber should be contacted to handle the tree root blockage. This is because tree roots are difficult to remove from drains and there are often other problems present which a plumber will know how to repair.Have an inspection regularly on the pipes and also on the root structure to help prevent tree roots from entering the pipes.

Professional Melbourne Blocked Drain Plumbers 

The Local Plumber is here to reliably deal with any clogged pipes in Melbourne homes. Our fully qualified Emergency Plumber team will operate in all Melbourne suburbs as per the City of Melbourne’s drainage regulations and we are available 24/7. For the best blocked drain plumbers to arrive fast and help with any clogged pipe – rely on The Local Plumber today!

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