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Is Becoming A Plumber In Melbourne a Good Job Choice & How Is The Pay?

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Plumbers specialise in various plumbing-related jobs. Installing and fixing drainage, sewerage pipes, gas lines, and water systems will be difficult without them.

While you rely on emergency plumbers, you might wonder if such a job pays well. What can you get from becoming a plumber in Melbourne? Is it worth it?

These questions may have popped up in your mind out of curiosity. And so, we’ll discuss some important points to help you figure out if it’s worth it to become a plumber in Melbourne.

Access to Varied Job Opportunities

Most people think that being a plumber is only about fixing toilets, pipes and drainage in residential areas. But such a role covers various interesting options which you probably have no idea until now.

Plumbers in Melbourne can find work among different categories, including gas fitting, irrigation, water supply, fire protection, sanitary, and drainage.

Depending on interest and demand, a certified plumber can take on any plumbing job. Whether developing or designing plumbing systems and technologies, becoming a plumber in Melbourne gives you many better opportunities to earn money.

Work Stability and Gratification

Plumbing concerns are everywhere. It can occur at your most inconvenient time and leave you frustrated.

Besides, many industries need the services of certified plumbers. These recurring issues and industry requirements create a consistent and strong demand for plumbers in Melbourne.

Reliable plumbing services will always be a need in any residential or commercial area, just like how building and construction services are necessary.

Becoming a plumber is a career choice that offers stability and gratification. It is a job that lets you work and meet new people, solve complex issues, and explore various locations.

There are many paths to take in this job, considering the continuous opportunities and earnings.

Melbourne Plumber Pay Rates

The most beneficial part of becoming a plumber in Melbourne is the great earning potential it comes with. Sure, pay rates can be at the lower end of the spectrum for an entry-level plumber.

But remember, plumbing is a regulated trade that requires a license. It means you can thrive and work your way up to gain more experience and become a master plumber to earn more.

You can explore various job opportunities and specialise in certain areas. The more competent and experienced you become, the higher your earnings.

According to PayScale, an apprentice plumber in Australia has an average salary ranging from $23,000 – $55,0000.

Completing an apprenticeship allows you to start earning the wages of a qualified plumber. But your salary will depend on who you work for and what job categories you take on.

Additionally, as per SalaryExpert, the average gross salary of plumbers in Melbourne is $92,182, which equals an hourly rate of $44. An entry-level Plumber with one to three years of experience earns an average gross salary of $67,160.

On the other hand, a senior level plumber with over eight years of experience gets an average salary of $113,280. Such estimates are based on salary survey data from various employers and employees in Melbourne.

Many people might not know this, but some of the most qualified plumbers in Australia can earn more than $180,000 annually – making it one of the highest paid jobs in the country.

Meanwhile, JobOutlook has an employment snapshot that shows full-time plumbers on an adult wage in Australia earn about $1,894 per week. 

These data show that becoming a plumber in Melbourne helps you earn a lot of money, considering all the in-demand plumbing opportunities.


Becoming a plumber comes with various benefits. You don’t only get varied and interesting job opportunities but also stable and high-paying work.  

The benefits differ depending on how an apprentice plumber works to improve and reach a higher-level position. But overall, we can tell you that being a plumber is worth it.

At The Local Plumber, we have a team of highly skilled plumbers who have undergone training activities to enhance their skills and increase potential earnings.

We guarantee the highest standard of workmanship and ensure that customer satisfaction is met with each and every job!

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