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What Are The Different Types Of Pipes In My House?

What Are The Different Types Of Pipes In My House

It would be hard to deliver water or drain wastewater without a dependable pipe network. It is a vital component of any property’s plumbing system. Imagine the ease of having water readily available when you turn the tap’s handle. Or when you no longer need to drain a bucketful of dirty water under the sink. While pipes are hidden away from eyesight, their contribution to making modern life more comfortable is massive.

With pipes playing an essential role in delivering and draining water, it is necessary to ensure they are perfectly intact, without leaking or damage. At The Local Plumber Melbourne, we have years of experience and training to get any pipe installation or repair done in minutes. Our team specialises in all needs of these plumbing components, from blocked drains, detecting leaks, tap repairs to pipe relining and installation.

What Pipes Are Located Within Your House

There are dozens, if not hundreds, of pipes in any building. All of these pipes play a specific role. Some are in charge of handling water delivery while others supply the house or commercial space with gas. For property owners to know when to call an expert, they must know which pipes are running inside their home or commercial space. The following are common pipe systems situated inside the building:

  • Hot and cold water pipes – Cold water from the water metre immediately comes into the pipes across the property, including the bathroom and kitchen. But some go through the hot water system. This hot water goes to taps and showerheads through the hot water pipes. These pipes need proper insulation to minimise heat loss during transportation.
  • Wastewater drains – These pipes are commonly located under the kitchen sink. This pipe network allows wastewater to pass through. It also comes with a trap, the bend in the pipes which retains some water and prevents foul odour and hazardous materials from entering the property.
  • Gas pipes – Natural gas and liquified petroleum gas (LPG) require gas pipes to reach any part of the building. The installation, maintenance and repair of gas pipes need a certified gas fitter to ensure the safety of the property and those inside it.

Outdoor Pipe Types On Your Property

Pipes are not just inside your home or business facility – they can also be outside! There are several outside pipes located in every part of the building. All also play different and major roles. At times, it could be confusing to determine which is which. Just like those pipes inside the house or commercial building, property owners need to know their location and function to keep watch when they malfunction or require replacement. The following pipes usually sit outside any building:

  • Water line supply pipes – Water supply from the local water utility enters the property through the water line supply pipes. This pipe is responsible for rationing clean water to every room in the house or commercial space.
  • Downpipes – When it rains, downpipes are responsible for draining stormwater into where it should be. It runs from the roof gutters into the property’s rainwater tank or stormwater system.
  • Waste or sewer pipes – These pipes carry wastewater from the waste outlet of kitchen sinks and other fixtures to a local sewer line outside the property. White PVC pipes are usually used for this purpose nowadays, but there are still iron, copper or clay pipes laying somewhere.
  • Stormwater drainage pipes – With heavy rains becoming a norm nowadays, it is best to have a reliable stormwater drainage pipe. These pipes are part of a bigger network, which includes the gutters and the downpipes, that ensure stormwater runoff goes straight to the local stormwater system. Some properties even have an onsite detention system (OSD). This equipment comes with a slow-release valve to allow slow draining of stormwater runoff.
  • Recycled water pipes – In some places in Australia, local water utilities collect, treat and return wastewater. Recycled water has many uses, including irrigation, watering lawns and flushing toilets 

What Are The Different Types of Drain Pipes

Apart from pipes having their unique role in any property, they also come in all forms, materials and sizes. These are some of the most common drain pipes in Australia:

  • Corrugated drain pipes – These pipes are mostly used outdoors and are commonly made out of metal, plastic and other materials. It comes in several sizes to meet the demands of the outdoor drain. This pipe type helps in preventing water buildup in walkways and driveways. For properties that need a metal corrugated pipe, our Melbourne plumber experts recommend getting the rust-resistant kind.
  • PVC drainage pipes – PVC pipes are the most common pipe type found in all properties across the country. It’s low cost and is widely available, which is why it is preferred as it could be easily obtained when pipe replacement is needed. This pipe’s generic appearance is best when it is to be placed in a location where it needs not get too much attention. Our team specialises in pvc pipe repair throughout Melbourne
  • Cast iron pipes – Cast iron pipes provide a stylish and classic look to any property. However, it easily catches rust, but there are products available that could protect them. While it comes in all colours, the biggest selling factor is this pipe’s wrought iron appearance that fits buildings with a classic or antique look.
  • Copper pipes – While significantly expensive compared to other pipe types, copper pipes are preferred as they are exceptionally durable and possess a high level of heat resistance. Expert 24hr emergency plumbers recommend this pipe if it will be surrounded by concrete.
  • Galvanised pipes – Galvanised pipes are best known for their durability and rust-resistant. Unlike copper pipes, it could be used in every part of the building as it does not catch the eyes of thieves.
  • Concrete or clay drainage pipes – Concrete pipes are best for property owners looking for an alternative to conventional plastic corrugated pipes. It is used either open or closed, and when used as the former, it is similar to a gutter system.

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