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Blocked Gutter Drain - What to do

Blocked gutter drains should not be overlooked as they are important in ensuring water travels out of the property. When gutters become blocked then water leaks onto the property and numerous issues can occur. Resolving blocked gutters is easy and doing so can prevent major problems from occurring in the future. Here at The Local Plumber, our Blocked Drain team will resolve any blocked gutter drains in any Melbourne property. 

When you have blocked gutter drains:

  • Safely use a latter to manually remove any debris in the gutter causing clogs
  • Contact a plumber or similar professional to replace or repair rusted, corroded gutters or poorly installed gutters

What Causes Blocked Gutter Drains?

Blocked and overflowing gutters can be due to a number of factors including debris build up, corrosion and poor installation jobs. These issues cause the gutters to leak, overflow and not work correctly at diverting water away from the property. Gutters are important in making sure water does not flood the property when heavy rain occurs so ensuring they are not blocked is important. 

Debris Build Up

Gutters can have debris caught in them, including sticks, leaves, vegetation, dirt, roof tiles and more. When these collect in the gutter too much then they can restrict or completely stop the water from flowing through them. Debris blocking the gutters and causing them to overflow is the most common reason why gutters become clogged. 

Corrosion and Rust

If corrosion or rust starts to grow on the gutters then this can lead to issues with the gutter. The rust and corrosion will leave that part of the gutter weak and exposed. The gutter will leak water from the holes present and the chance of debris being stuck and blocking the gutter is also present. When gutters rust or corrode then they will need to be replaced to prevent further issues from developing. 

Poorly Done Installation

Gutters need to be installed properly to make sure that the water can flow smoothly and not leak anywhere. If they are installed incorrectly then water can easily overflow and debris can become stuck more easily. The size of the gutter needs to be accurate and not too small so enough water can quickly travel away. The pitch and tilt need to be right as if it is too shallow then the water will not flow to the downpipe and if it is too steep then the water will overflow. It is also important that the roof tiles overhang in the right spot to make sure the water can flow into the gutters.

Why are Overflowing and Blocked Gutters Bad?

If the water when raining or storming cannot be properly diverted out of the property then there can be damage done to the home. The water that overflows from the gutters can cause interior and exterior water damage to the home. This means that visually and structurally the home is negatively impacted. Structural damage is the major issue to be careful of as repairs are costly and the home’s structure is at risk. 

Water overflowing from the gutters can also attract mould to grow on the interior or exterior of the home. Stagnant water from the overflow of water that cannot easily flow down the drain can also attract mosquitoes. It is important to not overlook blocked gutter drains as many issues can come from leaving it alone. 

How Do I Fix Blocked Gutter Drains?

When it comes to repairing blocked gutters there are certain tasks untrained plumbers can do but others only a trained professional can perform:

  1. Using a latter and being safe inspect the gutters for debris caught in them. Wear gloves and have a bag or bucket ready to grab and dispose of the debris clogging the gutters. Cleaning out leaves, dirt and debris can be performed by anyone when safely done and is also encouraged as a way to prevent blocked gutter drains in the future. After every major storm or every couple of months inspect the gutters to see if there is debris that needs removing.
  2. If the problem is with a rusted gutter or if the gutters we poorly installed then contacting the right professional to repair the issue is important. Unless you are trained in these areas, replacing and repairing gutters should only be done by professionals to prevent further issues from poor workmanship.

It is also advised alongside removing debris every couple of months to wash water down the gutter if there has not been proper rain in a while. This will remove any dirt or mud that may have not been washed away previously and could cause potential issues in the future. Our plumbing inspections and maintenance plumbers are here to perform outline plumbing inspections, including for us to inspect the condition of gutters and ensuring they are working perfectly.

Trusted Blocked Gutter Drain Services

The Local Plumber is here for any Melbourne local when experiencing blocked gutter drains. Our fully qualified plumbers are experts when dealing with any blocked drain, including knowing how to exactly deal with clogged gutters. We make sure to look over all of the gutter systems, clean them out and repair any damages causing blockages or other issues.

Our Emergency Plumber team is also here for all of Melbourne, including North Melbourne and South Melbourne, to help with any plumbing task. For trusted and experienced blocked drain and blocked gutter plumbers – rely on The local Plumber!