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What Are The Common Types Of Blocked Drains?


There are many common types of blocked drains that people experience within their homes. When certain items enter specific drainage systems where they should not be they can easily end up clogging pipes and drains. Food scraps, soap scum, wipes to tree roots, there are many items that can cause different types of blockages. Here at The Local Plumber, our Blocked Drain plumbers will professionally deal with common types of blocked drains wherever in Melbourne. 

The most common types of blocked drains people deal with are:

  • Kitchen sink blockages
  • Toilet clogs
  • Bathroom and laundry sink blockage
  • Shower drain blocked
  • Outdoor drains clogged
  • Stormwater drainage system blocked
  • Sewer system clogs

Common Types of Blocked Drains and Pipes

The most common types of blocked drains, why they occur and how to prevent them are described below:

A kitchen sink will most times become blocked when food waste is pushed down the drain. Soap scum and liquid detergents and also cooking oil are other common items people run down the sink and can clog the system.

Installing a garbage disposal system in the sink to put food waste in can be an option. Ensuring that liquid soap is used in moderation and over solid soap will help as well. Disposing of food and oil correctly, such as food in the bin or in the sink, is always recommended.

Only human waste and toilet paper should enter the toilet to prevent toilet drain blockages. When wipes and other foreign objects are flushed down the toilet then they can easily become stuck and block the system.

Make sure only human waste and toilet paper are flushed down the toilet and that wipes and other materials are placed into the bin instead.

The bathroom and laundry sink drain will most times become blocked from hair or detergent. Hair often becomes trapped in the drain opening while detergent and soap that is used in the sink drain can become hard in the pipes and clog the insides.

Ensuring that as much hair is collected before it can enter the bathroom drain is helpful. Perform drain cleaning methods regularly if these sinks are used to wash items regularly to prevent soap and detergent freezing inside the pipes and blocking them.

Hair and soap are the main items that clog shower drains. The hair and soap can build up over time and clog drains preventing water from flowing through.

Every month life up the drain opening of the shower drain and remove any hair that has been caught on it. Performing regular drain cleaning jobs and also using liquid soap over solid will also help limit the chance of a blockage.

Outdoor drainage systems will often be blocked from tree roots, leaves and other foreign objects entering them. These outdoor drains are most likely to be blocked by these after storms or heavy rain.

After a storm reaching down into the drain to grab anything that could potentially block the system will help. Organising a professional plumber to clear the drain if it is known that a large amount of vegetation and objects entered the drain will help clear the blockage before it becomes worse.

Stormwater drainage systems, such as the gutters and downspouts, can become blocked from bad maintenance or when leaves, sticks and other items build up and clog them.

After a storm and also regularly clearing out leaves and other items from the stormwater drainage system will ensure it does not become blocked.

When sewer systems become blocked often it is from a toilet problem, tree roots or from a community issue.

Preventing sewer system blockages is done by ensuring the right items are flushed down the toilet and that a plumber is contacted to inspect the system regularly.

Expert Melbourne Blocked Drain Plumbers

The Local Plumber is the place to contact when needing a fully qualified plumber to resolve common types of blocked drains. Our plumbers know all the professional techniques and methods to clear any type of clog inside any drainage system. We find the clog quickly then address it using the most effective method. 

Working any time through our Emergency Plumber services, we offer our blocked drain removal work to all of Melbourne, including West Melbourne and North Melbourne. For urgent help with blocked drains – trust The Local Plumber today!

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